Things Fall Apart.


“If you have to travel that much you should just get an RV.”

“It’ll collapse in a heap of soggy sawdust in 20 years.”

“SO much could go wrong…”

Friends, I’ll be honest, I worry about tiny house living sometimes. I worry about the wear and tear on the house as we haul it cross country. I worry about having RV parks get grumpy and turn us away. I worry about rocks hitting windows on the highway, illegally low bridges and overpasses, flat tires, broken axles, busted pipes, broken appliances, blabbity blabbity blab. I’d be stupid NOT to be concerned. BUT. I also worry about being in another situation like our current one with the fried AC and at the mercy of incompetent housing managers. I worry about the lead paint and the fact that there is no way to shut off our water if a pipe bursts. I worry about finding a new place every PCS, about almost getting involved with shoddy rent agreements like at Ft. Rucker (always read the fine print), I worry about gas leaks (no propane in the tiny house, whew), I worry about bad storms knocking trees on our house or our vehicles, I worry about broken septic tanks and faulty sewer. I worry about leaks and cracks and poor insulation and fires and blabbity blabbity blab.

All things fall apart. Now, I have confidence in the Rocky Mountain Tiny House team-this isn’t their first rodeo-and in my husband’s extremely thorough investigation into every tiny facet of the build, but at some point, something on the tiny house WILL break. It will happen. I can spend a ton of time worrying about this, or shrug and say we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Worse case scenario our tiny house spontaneously combusts while driving it somewhere…Oooookay. Well, A) we have insurance, and B) we’re still military, so on post housing it’ll be. If we all have to live in a tent for awhile-I know people who’ve done just that I can get pointers from, haha. 😉 Will it be a devastating loss? YES! But you know what would be a thousand times MORE devastating? Brian being killed. Should I have NOT falling in love, married, and raised a family with him because of the amount of devastation it would cause me to lose him? I sincerely hope you can answer that question without further prompting. At the end of the day, this is just a house. Our dream house, yes, but it’s just a house- losing it would not be the worst thing to happen, yet the potential adventure and joy in attempting this lifestyle is huge.

We have done the research, questioned the experts, and prayed obsessively. We are so, so stinking excited about our house, Brian has taken to leaving the pictures of it up on the TV so we can see it as we go about our day. It IS a risk, but one we believe is well worth it. And in terms of things breaking (having been stick and brick homeowners before) it isn’t that much worse than a regular home. We’ve traded some issues (wear and tear on the trailer) for others (dealing with any septic or sewer problems), and then many remain the same (appliances breaking). And we don’t have to deal with yard upkeep.

We can’t RV live full time if we end up in Alaska or even at Ft. Drum New York. But our tiny home has killer insulation and a wood stove…And if it goes 20 years before collapsing-we’ll be retired and eh, lesson learned I guess, lol.

So much COULD go wrong, as is true with any decision you make in life. So much also COULD go right. Brian and I want to live tiny even after the kids are grown and flown the nest. We aren’t looking at this as a temporary fix to forced military mobility, we are looking at it as a chance to have our cake and eat it, too. To have our dream home WHILE being forced to be mobile, and then we can park it when he’s retired. Shoot, by then most of the permanent tiny home legal issues will probably be resolved!

I get all worked up about these things, but Brian’s response is simple: “Haters gonna hate.” SO whatever happens, we’ll just shake it off, HA.


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