Progress Report!


A little before the 4th of July RMTH asked for dimensions of the truck topper so they could figure out a way to make something to secure it to the back of our house while we towed. Brian took measurements and pictures but was not feeling comfortable about the accuracy, so he asked if it’d be better if we just  dropped the topper off so they could have it to measure and manipulate. They agreed that would be a lot better, so Thursday night Brian and I tossed the boys in the truck and drove up to Durango, CO. The boys were a hot mess, we all slept in the back of the truck for a few hours in Albuquerque but that was about it sleep wise. Brian and I didn’t care, we were so excited about getting to see our tiny house in person!! And this will be the only time I see it until Brian gets the house on completion, because that drive was pretty miserable, not gonna lie, and I’m only 33 weeks at this point, ha.

I’ll skip the rest of the travel stuff.

We got to Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses a little after 10am, and were made welcome by Jeramy and the crew of builders.


Greg was on a house delivery so he couldn’t be there, but as I said above-I’m not getting any LESS pregnant, so it had to be this weekend or I wasn’t going to make it, lol. Forgive the quality of photos, it’s hard to take pictures and herd the boys, plus they had our house underneath a big pole tent thingie so I couldn’t back up very far to get all of the house in one frame.

I was thrilled to see the outside was almost completely done, one of the workers was on a ladder finishing up nailing the strips on the board and bat as we pulled up. When I walked in for the first time my initial thought was, “This is too big!” No, seriously. It felt HUGE! Way bigger than I thought it would feel. Now, granted, appliances aren’t installed yet so that will definitely take up some space, but benches of tools, ladders, and fans were set up throughout and it STILL felt roomy. I had been a little concerned about the ceiling height when designing it, but figured we’d just get used to it-it’s not like we’re super tall people. But standing under the lofts and catwalks I didn’t feel like the ceiling was close at all! Even the loft was a lot roomier than I thought it’d be.

The above is: 1-Standing beneath the catwalk. 2-Kneeling (feet under butt) beneath the catwalk (same height as lofts), head against the lowest ceiling point. 3-Standing in the gooseneck and touching the ceiling peak.



The above is the view from standing IN the bathroom and facing to the gooseneck. The gooseneck will be completely walled off with a small door in the center (the door will extend up into the loft space.) The washer/dryer will be on the left from this view, and the closet will be on the right. The kitchen is then divided on either side and includes a small pantry, a tall but narrow refrigerator, 3 burner induction stove top with a range hood over a 24″ stove, sink, and counters and cabinets. No upper cabinets, only lower.

The boys enjoyed climbing into “their room” for the first time, and were thrilled when we explained their bunkbeds would be against the wall and each of them would have their very own window. The wood around the windows is poplar, and is the wood we chose for the interior. I LOVE IT! I could babble about it endlessly, but instead, here are pictures.


Isn’t the color streaking effect so cool?! I am so impatient to see the interior walls completed!

The next two pics are the views from the lofts. The first is from me sitting in the back of the master loft and looking down towards the gooseneck. Remember that the gooseneck will be completely walled off as it’s own separate room. The second view is from where that wall will be separating the gooseneck from the second loft down to the master loft.


Just look at all those windows up there! So much natural light. 😀

One of the things we need to decide on is what we want underneath the catwalk/lofts to look like. We want to leave the steel beams exposed (that’s where we are putting all our race medals-turned-magnets), we really like how it looks. However, we can either leave it like it is now with the ridging, or they can fit smooth poplar boards in between the steel frame. Brian and I’s initial thought was smooth BUT the longer I looked at them, the more I’m thinking I like the texture they add to the space. I don’t wan’t to end up feeling like I am living in a wood crate, so having some texture to the ceiling might break up the uniform feeling of the wood walls and upper ceiling. Still going back and forth, in any case we like the exposed metal beams.

While Brian was answering and asking questions-him and Jeramy both have a thing for precision and details (which is great! Just means a lot of questions and note taking, lol) the rest of the crew was incredibly friendly and patiently allowed the boys to “help” them with their tasks. Especially on a Friday when everyone was probably looking to finish up as quickly as possibly to get done, it was really, really cool of them to answer the boys’ constant questions, lend them tape measures and help them measure things, have them assist with snapping chalk lines, and even letting them “help” start the framework for a wall. At the end of the day Cade did NOT want to leave, haha.



When we took a break for lunch one of the builders offered to let us see the inside of his tiny house, so after a lunchtime fiasco at Sonic (the wait time was beyond ridiculous and then they had run out of toast and couldn’t make grilled cheese which is what BOTH boys had asked for) we went over to see it. Both boys fell asleep on the very short drive, so Brian stayed in the truck and I went in-it was MY turn to ask questions, haha. It was a lovely home, the builder’s wife was there with their youngest daughter, their oldest was playing with friends. It was so good to see how space can be managed with kids thrown into the mix, especially since their house was even smaller than ours, and they even had a full bathtub! It was also good for me to get another mom’s perspective on living tiny, I was really thankful we had the opportunity to visit! She did warn me though that we’d get random strangers occasionally asking to see the inside of our house, haha. Guess that’ll be  good incentive to keep it clean. 😉

We drove back to finally actually drop off the truck topper-both boys still sleeping-and Brian answered all the remaining questions Jeramy had. We also got to see the roof, which they had on site, just not on the house yet. Jeramy said no one wanted to go up and install it yet with how hot it had been, haha, so they had been working on other parts of the house instead. I can’t blame them for that!

So there you have it! Our tiny, tiny house adventure. We drove back that afternoon, getting back to El Paso around midnight. We were initially going to explore Durango a little more and then get a hotel, but the boys were way beyond their limit with such a short amount of sleep and then being outside “building” for a good 2-3 hours. They were both cranky in the family pic we took, having just woke up from their naps, and both ended up sleeping in this morning until almost 9! I’m glad we decided to drive back when we did instead of stretching out the chaos over two days.


Until next week! Hopefully they’ll keep sending pictures. 😀


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