Progress Pics and Planning


Because I don’t have the actual Facebook App on my phone (it’s a data, space, AND time suck) Instagram is struggling with connecting pictures to my Tiny Dream page. At least, I am assuming that’s why Instagram can’t get it’s act together (c’mon, Instagram, you’re better than this…) So I am now several picture posts behind and figured I’d throw them all together in a blog along with a few pictures I haven’t shared anywhere else.

First-Our cabinets are in! They are cherry cabinets from Lowe’s, and I love the softness of their color.


I think they will look really nice with the counter tops we picked out. Here’s a pic of the slab before it was cut-we got to see it when we visited. I don’t think the picture does it justice, the streaky part is a very vibrant orange-gold color which I LOVE.  The actual counters should be installed on Thursday!


Next, they have the frame for our pantry up and next to it is the frame for our washer and dryer! There will be storage both below and above our washer and dryer, we did NOT want them stacked.


We answered planning questions about the pantry today. Brian and I deliberated a bit about whether we wanted the entire thing to glide out (as depicted below) or if we wanted two narrow doors that would just open and static shelving inside. We decided on the pull out for ease of access since the pantry isn’t shallow and one of my biggest pet peeves with storing food is having to reach over things to grab stuff in the back. I think it’ll also be nice not to have a bunch of doors in this space since our main closet will be opposite our washer and dryer set up.


Safe is installed, and here’s a pic of it with our cute tiny woodstove on top. 😀 The granite counter tops will actually extend over the safe and the woodstove will sit on that, so it’s not actually secured or setup yet. AND, this is something I didn’t realize right away, notice how the cabinets sit up against a “wall” on the side opposite the safe? That’s actually the frame for our fridge!! They are custom building a frame for our fridge that will connect to our closet. I prefer having NO counter gap there, but a fridge requires air circulation-having a frame built around it gives us the best of both worlds.


They also finished the walls and floor in the bathroom, and got the shower base and tankless hot water heater installed. It is-unsurprisingly since Brian picked it out-a very, very good tankless hot water heater that apparently was much commented on when it arrived. I am sure I will be appropriately appreciative when I take a nice hot shower in the middle of winter, haha.


So that’s the downstairs stuff they’ve done. They have also framed in the second loft’s closets after we decided on how we wanted them to look. I am SO excited about these closets, they are just cute to me, lol, and it’ll be nice to have storage space we can close off. Among other things, my single remaining box of Christmas decorations will go in one of these closets, hahaha.



There you have it! Steady progress being made daily. I can’t imagine how slow this would be going if we had attempted to do this ourselves! I remind myself of this pretty much hourly, because at almost 36 weeks pregnant I am cranky, hormonal, and uncomfortable. I want my house and my baby and to be DONE with this whole waiting thing. The weekends are excruciating because we don’t get any pictures. I’m TRYING to channel my nesting into cleaning our current house so that we can make the move quickly, but it’s tough when what I really want to do is decorate our Pemberly.

Also, I’m now dreaming about random aspects of the tiny house on a semi regular basis. I guess that beats the weird vampire world takeover dreams I had while pregnant with Zane…


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