Tempest in a Tiny


It’s been 7 weeks since we moved into Pemberly and this is the first blog post I’m getting up about it, woo! Here’s how our “transition” went: Pemberly arrives at 2 am August 19th. We move in all our stuff and move to RV park that day. Two days later I have our third boy, Rhett, at 611am. A week later I develop mastitis and am laid up in bed for three days, my fever breaking early morning August 30th. The 30th we spent driving Pemberly back to our old house, unloading everything, getting a dry weight of the trailer, reloading everything the next day and moving back to the RV park. My mom arrived a week later (Sept 7th) and three days after her arrival Rhett ends up in the hospital with a UTI turned septic that kept him in the NICU for ten days-I stayed with him since I exclusively breastfeed. We are released on Monday the 18th. Exactly one week later I call 911 and am transported via ambulance with Rhett who suffered a 7 mm skull fracture from Cade accidentally falling on him. He has a craniotomy the next day (Tuesday), multiple CTs an MRI and an eye exam later, and we are released Saturday, September 30th.

So. It is now mid October and I finally feel like we are settling in. The first night sleeping in the tiny was surreal and amazing. I love, love, love sleeping in our loft. Scattered throughout the hospital stays and stress we got carpet for both lofts, a long bench like thing with three wicker cubes to store the boys clothing, Brian built a towel shelf for the bathroom, bunkbeds for the boys rooms, and created airflow vents for our computer cabinet. We’ve continued to downsize, rearrange, reorganize, and redo as we figure out what works best for us, and every little shuffle, every command hook hung, every box re-placed, just makes this little bubble of happiness inside. It isn’t perfect, and living tiny will have it’s challenges I’m sure, but it’s HOME.

How do the boys like it? Dude, let’s be honest-they are four and three year old boys. We could live in a cardboard box and they’d think it was the coolest place ever. For them, and I’m guessing for most children their age, it’s not the place that matters, it’s the people. Since mom and dad are both present, their little worlds are as they should be. Both enjoy doing tricks on the small ladder up into their room, both love their cozy bunkbeds, Zane especially likes the loft-which has me a little concerned since we just put a staple in HIS head for falling backwards into the kitchen cabinets, and the composting toilet doesn’t phase them in the slightest. I will admit we are having them pee in a bowl that I then empty since aim is not great at this age and a bowl is an easier target, but they think this is good fun. As far as space goes, they are actually less underfoot during certain parts of the day because I can send them to their room or to the loft, both of which require a ladder and minimizes the “let’s randomly go play right beneath mom’s feet” habit they had developed in our old house. We do spend almost every morning out of the house, though. I was already beginning to do this in our old house, but now it’s a must. We spend more time outside, too, because the RV park is much more amenable to outdoor play than our old neighborhood. The boys have made friends with other children in the park, and we are next to the pavilion so they have double the amount of space to play on. I feel a lot more comfortable letting them play outside here than I did at our old place, so I sit on my rocker in the shade and hold Rhett while Cade and Zane play with waterguns and light sabers and chalk, haha.

Honestly, Pemberly is not much different than a regular house, it’s just smaller. We cook meals, have a pantry, a fridge, and a freezer, we do laundry, we have a closet and drawers for clothing, we have lovely hot showers with plenty of water pressure, we watch movies on our TV with a sound system on our couch…not much has changed. There are quirks to work out still-like the  won’t turn on in the kitchen unless the bathroom sink is running (on demand heater has a pressure requirement to switch on), and the automatic leveling system we had installed still isn’t functioning quite right (probably need to read the instruction manual, lol). The composting toilet is an adventure, I’m slowly figuring out how that works best, ha, but so far it hasn’t been too bad. We don’t have a table for meals-we mostly eat outside on the picnic table, or the boys have floor trays they use while Brian and I eat on the couch.

I love Pemberly. So far I am loving living tiny. This feels like my space, finally, even more so than the house we bought in Lillington. Tiny may not be for everyone, but so far it’s working for us. 🙂


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