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Pregnancy and Tiny House


Two really big things have happened since I last wrote a blog post-I’m pregnant, and we’re under contract for our tiny house. 😀 This pregnancy has been different from my previous two in almost every way imaginable, but despite a ton of votes for it being a girl-I’m not convinced. I’m not finding out, of course, until I HAVE the baby, because that’s just the most fun way to do a gender reveal, but I’m due in August (24 weeks yesterday) so it won’t be too much longer. Basic stats-I’ve gained about 12-15lbs and my fundal height is measuring about three weeks behind. According to ultrasound baby is right on schedule, and is a regular acrobat. I chose midwife care at a center here in El Paso and so far it has been fabulous-anytime something weird happens they are a text message away which has been very reassuring since this pregnancy has been bonkers. The boys have been super cute when it comes to my pregnancy, Cade talks about all the things he’ll tell and teach the baby, and Zane spent a good five minutes this morning patting my belly and saying, “wake up, baby!” and then giving my belly kisses. I am just so thrilled to be pregnant after almost two years of trying that even the annoying parts of pregnancy (like the morning sickness and fatigue and constant food aversions) make me smile.

And the tiny house. Oh, friends, I am bursting with excitement about our tiny house! We have been purging and downsizing and donating and LOVING IT! The tiny house is due around the same time as the baby, lol, maybe a little earlier. We contacted Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses in December, and since then have been finalizing plans, signing contracts, and waiting impatiently on the  SIPS and trailer to arrive. Today we confirmed more design choices including roofing, siding, and color options. The build officially starts this coming weekend! Eeeee!

I’ve joined several facebook groups on tiny house living as well as ones for fulltime RV living, and it’s been so neat to see how people make this work for them. The number of families-LARGE families (four or more kids) took me by surprise and has also given me a ton of creative ideas for making this move not just doable but enjoyable for the boys and baby 3. Most of what is reiterated-even when discussing difficulties and conflicts with tiny/RV living-is that the kids love it and adapt well, it’s the adults that generally struggle, lol.

It has been challenging negotiating the design with Brian. We are coming from two very different extremes-I’m more the “I want crazy stories of trying to cook over an open fire with one dented pot and a wooden spoon” type and he is very much a luxury driven gadget geek, “glamping” as opposed to camping, lol. Since living tiny will provide us plenty of crazy stories, and this will be the house we hopefully retire in, there are a lot of fancy things that I probably wouldn’t’ve thought to add if it had just been me designing it-but the end result is a blend that is a good representation of both of us and it just makes me so happy. There is something about building a house together (even though we aren’t doing the actual labor) that is like some weird physical representation of the relationship we’ve built with each other. The compromises and negotiations we’ve made along the way, the teasing at each other’s oddities and quirks, figuring out which things are truly important to us, and realizing sometimes we both like (or dislike) the same things but for totally different reasons-it’s like rediscovering all the things that made us fall in love in the first place. I know, I know, totally cheesy, but I blame some of that on the pregnancy hormones, haha.

ANYway, I do hope to continue this blog so I can update more about the pregnancy and tiny house as things go. As soon as I have pictures I will share, although most pictures of my day to day stay on Instagram. That’s all for now, I just wanted to get a post out there to get the writing juices flowing again. 🙂


P.S. The outside of the tiny house will be purple. Purple purple. I. am. so. thrilled! Our tiny house is going to bring a whole new level of funky quirks to the RV park, lol.


Pregnant Mommy Brain


To the tune of “Matchmaker” from The Fiddler on the Roof.

“Wipe snatcher, wipe snatcher, snatch me a wipe!
At least three or four,
My poops getting ripe!
Unsnap my onsie and grab a fresh diap’
My buns are in need of a wipe!

For Papa, snatch out at least twenty
For Mama, just a few will be fine
For me, well, if we’re not talking diapers
I’ll snatch out the lot if I get the time!

Wipe snatcher, wipe snatcher, snatch me a wipe!
Make sure they’re warm
Cold is not my type
If you interrupt play I’ll put up a fight
You’d better be quick with the wipe!”

An oldie, but a goodie-to the tune of “Silver Bells”

“Soggy buns….soggy buns….it’s time to chaaange your diaper.

Wipe ’em down…..air ’em out….it’s time to change soggy buns!”

This is my brain on sleep deprivation and pregnancy hormones. I break out into random songs with substitute lyrics over just about everything. Cade attemped to stab a piece of zucchinni bread at lunch which inspired an impromptue verse of “What if I crumble” (What if I stumble-DC Talk)  and I realized I should probably write these down just to laugh at later.

Discipline I Hope to Use…


Cade loves books and the outdoors, and so although I don’t REALLY want to read, “The Hiccupotamus” or “Bear Snores On” one more time, I do. And even though it is consistently 90+ degrees around here I let Cade grab my hand and drag me from my rocker in the shade so he can wander down to the blistering sidewalk and play with grass trimmings. Inwardly, I sometimes stifle a groan when I’ve already read about Jonah three times in a row and he brings over “The Little Blue Truck.” And no, I do not enjoy waddling around in 90 degree weather achy and sweaty and short of breath. BUT, inwardly, I’m also thrilled. I don’t want his pleasure in playing outdoors or his fascination with books to ever end. One day, I promise myself, one day this will definitely be worth the boring repetition and the sticky sweat filled last trimester.

These are a few things I can’t WAIT to say to my boys when they get older:

“No reading at the table.”

“One more chapter and then it’s bedtime.”

“You have ten more minutes before it’s time to come in.”

“I know you’ve already showered once, but you’re covered in mud.”

“If you try to build that without dad’s supervision you’re staying inside for the rest of the day.”

“Put the book down when I’m talking to you.”

“Yes, you can bring a book as long as you sit quietly.”


One day I’ll be able to watch them play from the shade and they won’t need me to hold their hand. One day I’ll be doing dishes in a quiet house because everyone else has a book to read. There will soon be story time, and swim lessons, and library cards, and sports games, and I’ll go from active participant to sideline cheerleader and facilitator (read: chauffeur). Then they’ll be gone to write their own stories and explore more of the world and I don’t think for a second I’ll begrudge a single day of letting my son with a soggy mulch covered onsie snuggle in my lap to read a board book one more time.

Dude, I Re-upholstered a Chair.


IMG_1029  This is the chair. I got it for thirty bucks at the massive consignment sale in Charlotte, NC I went to with my older sister when I was pregnant with Cade (at the time “Potato” because I didn’t know the gender). It’s a kid size recliner and there were two of them. I LOVED the idea of a child sized “grown up” chair, but the fabric and obvious wear and tear was a huge turn off (which is probably why nobody was rushing to buy them). I don’t know if you can tell by the picture, but the fabric itself is like burlap which although durable is rough and scratchy and, well, boring.

Now, I have a “thing” for chairs. They are my all time favorite piece of furniture. Brian is going to build a small dining room table and I’m going to insist that each of us pick out a different chair to go with it. No matchy matchy for me, thank you, I want some furniture with personality! Or, basically, I would like funky bright dining room chairs and Brian will prefer neutral squishy ones. He’ll get a neutral squishy one that makes him happy, I’ll get a cheerful oddball one to make me happy, and Cade (when he get’s big enough) can help pick out his own, too. A win win all the way around.

I digress. Back to the chair. After much dithering back and forth I took a deep breath and finally decided to try my hand at re-upholstery-something I have wanted to attempt for several years now. So I bought one of the forlorn little chairs, and went to a fabric warehouse (deserving of far more attention than I can give it in this post-it was awesome!) and bought some fabric and a staple gun.

2013-02-26 18_50_44  I promptly took apart the chair, labeling the pieces and hardware as I went and saving all the screws. I have never re-upholstered anything before. I’ve never seen it done. I was totally making this up as I went, so I figured I’d just take everything apart, document all the pieces and use them as a pattern, and put it all back together.

Challenge 1: Staple removal

I had a flat head screw driver and a pair of pliers. It took a very, very long time to remove the staples…and staple pieces where the staples broke apart…ugh.

Challenge 2: Cushion replacement

I was planning on keeping some of the original foam until after several wash treatments I realized it was so stained, and so flat, and so worn out it just wasn’t worth it. So I ended up replacing everything.

Challenge 3: Sewing

This actually wasn’t really a challenge, just the next step. I used my mom’s new sewing machine (thanks mom!) and using the original pieces and chalk pencils I steadily made all the necessary fabric pieces out of the new fabric. It took awhile, but it was surprisingly problem free.

Challenge 4: Re-stapling

That staple gun I bought was a JOKE. Well, at least for trying to staple into seasoned hardwood. I ended up using my father-in-law’s electric staple gun (thanks Mr. Keefer!) which was a considerable step up, but still not great. I mangled more staples than I managed to get usable ones into the wood, and I still have a couple of staples to hammer flat before it’s Cade ready. Next re-upholstery product I am getting a pneumatic staple gun. One of those would have saved me over half of the time it took to reassemble the chair.

Challenge 5: Buttons

Holy cow, the buttons. First, I didn’t know how to make buttons out of my fancy new fabric. I took my problem to a re-upholstery guy and he kindly made me a handful of buttons with his handy dandy button press completely free of charge. He was laughing at my enthusiasm for the button press, but seriously, I want one. Screw jewelry, Brian needs to buy me a button press. SO much fun!

It was all downhill from there, however. I broke three needles (Upholstery needles!) trying to get the buttons on the chair. I had to thread the needle through the foam that made up the back cushion, and the foam kept making hard, immovable knots around the needles. It was awful. I can’t describe in words how I actually managed to get the buttons in, but it took Brian’s assistance and it wasn’t pretty. Stupid buttons.

Challenger 6: Foot rest

I broke a screw in the wood attempting to get the foot rest back on, so I had to unstaple the fabric, flip the foot rest around, restaple and rescrew. Grrr. I was ready to chuck the whole thing out a window at this point.

Challenge 7: Tack strips

The very last part of the chair is the backing which uses a thin piece of cardboard stripping and then two parallel tack strips on the back length of the chair to cover up all the stapled bits and make it look finished.tack stripI thought this was going to be a bear to get done and it was the very last step. The nice re-upholstery guy had given me two pieces of tack stripping (again, free of charge. They were too small for him to use on all his normal sized furniture) and I lined up the last piece of fabric with some trepidation…

Turns out this was the easy part of the whole darn thing. I took my time measuring and aligning and BAM it was done!



I am SO HAPPY with how it turned out! I love the fabric, it’s wild enough to appeal to my sense of fun (this is a child’s chair after all) but the colors are muted enough that Brian doesn’t wince when he sees it, haha. All of the dark brown is actually a raised velvet, so it’s got different texture’s for Cade to feel, and the rest of the fabric is tough but softer than the original burlap.   This project took a lot longer than I had hoped-I wanted to get it done before Cade was born, but I got to big to be manipulating the chair during my third trimester. Then just when Cade finally started sleeping through the night and I got caught up on sleep, I got pregnant again and first trimester pregnancy fatigue hit me hard. It’s taken me a little over a year all told from when I purchased the chair, but I feel like it was totally worth it! I’ll give it to Cade for his 1st birthday, I can’t wait to see him sitting on it 🙂

We Got Lucky!…although Brian may want a second opinion.


I posted a few days ago about expecting our second child in September. The end of September. A day before my older sister’s birthday, to be exact. Anyways, I’ve been meaning to post the back story, so here goes.

Baby Numero Dos was a SURPRISE!

Brian and I were actually discussing the timing for a second child when, apparently, I was already pregnant. I’ll try to keep the TMI brief, but basically after weaning Caderade at the six month mark I didn’t have a period until December 22nd and it was…weird…so I didn’t know if it “counted.” Well, clearly it did.

By January I was pretty tired all day, every day, and was also having increasing trouble sleeping at night. I chalked some of it up to our early walker, as Cade was running around the house by 9 months old (and running into walls, tables, chairs, my legs, the dog…) and I spent a lot of my time chasing him, or picking him up after a spill and consoling him. He also figured out how to flush the toilet, get into the cabinets, pull Remus’s water dish on to himself, and try to eat the blinds. It was a busy month. Around the second week of January I also started feeling a little….off. Kindof queasy. I developed a bit of a food aversion to beans and rice (a staple meal for Brian and I. We’re pretty boring eaters) and in general food was unappealing even though I felt chronically hungry. By mid February I finally decided I should get my thyroid and iron levels tested (I’ve been anemic before) because the fatigue was overwhelming. Right before I went to the walk in clinic it was like a light bulb went on in my brain and I realized I was over two weeks late for my period. I bought a pregnancy test and took it right away.

The line lit up like a neon light before I could even finish peeing on the stick.

Brian’s response: “Are you serious?” and then he shook his head and laughed in disbelief.

I would’ve figured it out soon afterwards, since after that the nausea ramped up into full blown morning sickness morning, noon, and night. I had to put Cade into a disposable in the morning for his daily poop because I truly could not stomach stripping his cloth diapers. I continued to take a morning nap when Cade went down for his, although he had a brief period where he decided he could skip his morning nap every other day. That was rough. Thankfully, he has since then gone back to a two nap schedule. I also put on weight rather rapidly, although being tall means I can hide my extra poundage with loose fitting clothing. I can no longer fit into any of my jeans, and the size 6 pair I used for my last pregnancy is already uncomfortably snug when I sit down. If I wear my normal, more form fitting clothing I can’t hide the small bump. In fact, I actually had to purchase a larger sized empire waist dress for Brian’s ROTC Banquet the 1st of March because all of my dresses were too snug to keep the secret.

I had the dating ultrasound last Tuesday and the little booger was kicking and squirming like a wild thing at exactly 11 weeks and 2 days. The ultrasound tech commented on the amount of activity for so early in the pregnancy, but I am less surprised since Cade would only settle down when I would go for runs when I was pregnant with him.

So there you have it, my first pregnancy update with Baby 2.0. The nausea has thankfully subsided to mostly only in the evening and even then managable as long as I watch what I eat. I still can’t tolerate beans and rice, or thai-which makes me grumpy since I really really like thai- and I had a weird craving for sourcream that resulted in me dipping my spaghetti in a bowl of it (at the time, it was seriously the best thing I have ever tasted) but besides an increase in my affinity for pasta salad and olives the food stuff has remained pretty low key. Cade’s back in his cloth diapers and the morning one is manageable as long as I don’t breathe much, and I’m still tired all the time and having a hard time sleeping. All in all, normal pregnancy stuff. 🙂

I’m excited that this baby may be born on my older sister’s birthday. What are the odds? Cade is born on my birthday, which is pretty darn cool to me, so how much more awesome would it be if his little brother or sister was born on my sister’s birthday? My older sister said I now have to have two more children born on my brother and younger sister’s birthdays so they don’t feel left out, haha. Just don’t tell Brian… 😉

OH! And I don’t think I want to find out the gender, like I did with Cade. Sorry (not really)… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cade Stories


So, I talk about Cade a lot. Because, well, puzzling gets boring to talk about (hey! I got four more pieces in during nap time! Woohoo!….exhilarating) and I don’t want to take the effort to write about the books I’m reading (just finished the Ender’s Game series) AND a lot of other things I’ve been tempted to post about are controversial and also make me grumpy. BUT, I am going to write yet another post about Cade not only for the above reasons, but also because I want to be able to look back and reread these stories someday. Here goes:

He “kisses” my nose. A lot. By kiss, I mean he tries to eat the whole thing (no small feat, my nose is not exactly pixieish) and results in a lot of drool up mommy’s nostrils. It is so gross, but I can’t help laughing every time he does it! He doesn’t try to bite, he just puts his whole mouth over it for a few seconds and then backs up and grins at me. Baby waterboarding?

He has a new noise/face. He snorts. Mouth open, nose scrunched, eyebrows angling towards the ceiling, and he snorts rapidly. He finds this noise/face hilarious and repeats it frequently. He also has figured out how to make a weird clucking sound with his tongue and nose and top of his mouth. He may never speak English, but his own language is pretty complicated.

When I offer a hand to steady him while he walks around he is VERY particular about which finger (s) he grabs. Sometimes he’ll use both hands and sort through my fingers before curling his fist around one or two that apparently meet his standards. When he switches his grip while walking he repeats the process.

Because I’ve been encouraging him to walk on his own by clapping and cheering, he will sometimes take two steps and then applaud himself, then two more followed by more applause, then two more…etc. It’s so cute.

He is trying to figure out how to snap his fingers. He’s nowhere near succesful, but when I do so he looks at his hands and tries to mimic my finger movements. I love it. 🙂

We visited his cousins (and my sister and her husband) for an extended stay this past week, and my little man definitely has some introverted tendencies although he does love watching his cousins. He tried to smack his two month old cousin in the face multiple times in his enthusiasm, but thankfully she watched his shennanigans with mild interest and good humor. He used his two year old cousin to pull up on, and she did a really good job learning how to navigate being viewed as a “big person” by a walking, babbling baby. She even attempted to walk him around by holding his hand. It was kindof more of a drag, haha, but she tried. I love my nieces. 🙂

Cade is FULL of drama. When I tell him “No” he’ll stop whatever he’s about to attempt and glance back at me with an “Are you sure?” kindof look. When I tell him “No” again (because he’s turned back around to try again) he stops and looks back at me and then a big, cute grin will spread across his face like, “You didn’t REALLY mean that…” The third (or fourth) time I have to say “No” I will then either remove him from the object or block access to it. After multiple futile attempts at returning to the object he will invariably start whining, then fussing louder, then finally flinging his head back, stiffening his back, kicking his legs on the ground and wailing without any actual tears. Don’t tell me a 9 month old doesn’t understand the word “No” my friend- Cade is completely aware. Somtimes he’ll actually listen and just leave the object alone in the first place. But mostly he pitches fits. Fits in which he is absolutely inconsolable until he runs out of steam (usually about 5-8minutes). Little drama king-he definitely gets that from his mom. (Objects in question are usually cords or other electronics, or Remus’s water dish which is elevated and Cade has a deep rooted desire to pull it off it’s perch and dump it all over himself.)

Alright, it’s snowed here, and since Cade out grew his only winter outfit and stores have already switched to summer clothing (idiotic stores) I’m gonna go duct tape some bread bags on him and push him down a hill. 🙂

The Funny Thing About Babies…


All through highschool, college, and the first few years of marriage I would NEVER have described myself as “child friendly.” Mostly, I just didn’t get them. I didn’t actively dislike them, but I honestly didn’t really see what all the fuss was about, so I just avoided them. Now I’ve got two adorable nieces and a noisy little son and boy how perspectives change! Here are a few of my favorite things about babies-mostly Cade related, because I spend way more time with him than I ever did when my nieces were/are babies (not sure about the grammatical accuracy, there, but ohwell).

One of my current favorite things Cade does right now is he forgets he has arms. He’ll be trucking down the hall, moving his arm-knee-arm-knee-arm-knee-knee *FACEPLANT*. He’ll look up and pause for a moment, with the arm he forgot to move trapped under his body, like “hmmmmm I’m missing something…” before tugging out his arm and sitting up. He usually does this when he’s really excited, but the other day I had to wake him up from his nap and he had BOTH arms trapped beneath his body. He spent several seconds lifting his head and kicking his legs spastically before I rescued him from his arm stuck predicament. I admit, I laughed.

Along the same vein, everyonce in awhile he’ll remember he has toes and bend over and try to eat them. Each time he finds them it’s like a brand new discovery.2013-09-16 11.27.38[2] (The first time he realized he had toes.)


Here are a few of my other favorite funny things about babies.


Facial expressions: The smiles are wonderful, but honestly, some of the other expressions crack me up.

PhotoGrid_1381518378032[1]2014-01-09 09.21.29[1]Bathplay IMG_20130704_134001[1]



Sleep positions: HOW is that comfortable?

2013-10-17 13.13.14[1]2013-12-16 14.15.44[1]2014-01-09 10.06.55[1]SleepMobyWrap2013-08-06 16.51.10[1]



I can dress him up (or down) however I wish.

IMG_20130727_215149[1]2014-01-05 18.19.41[1]


And, lastly…


We’re his parents and there is NOTHING he can do about it.

IMG_20130605_135534[1]2013-09-24 19.00.36[1]


Babies, you guys, can be pretty unintentionally hilarious.

Mama Ups and Downs


A brief update on my life. Cade is pretty much happy all the time. He still isn’t a fan of the carseat and will fight going into it, but once settled he’s pretty good at keeping himself occupied or falling asleep.


Right now everything seems to have an upside and a downside.


Upside-he’s a happy baby.


Downside-so when he cries I feel like I must’ve done something horribly wrong.

Upside-he’s an active baby. He’s scooting already (he’s 5.5 months) and up on his hands and knees rocking getting ready to crawl. One of his new tricks is to rock for a little bit and then launch himself forward onto his belly. He also commando crawls when there is something he really wants to get (like mommy’s phone). He rolls in both directions very easily (makes diaper changing interesting), and is at that stage where he is constantly reaching and grabbing and babbling up a storm. 🙂

Downside-he’s got my metabolism coupled with his high activity level so he is hungry every 1.5-2hours. Around the clock. There is no “feeding him more” at each feeding. He completely drains one side, and any attempt at more results in him throwing up all over. I am, ah, very sore. And tired.

Upside-He naps with me and snuggles.


Downside-He will ONLY nap WELL if he’s co-sleeping. If he doesn’t nap well, he doesn’t do well at night. I spend half my day awkwardly curled on one side while my hips scream profanities at me so my little snuggle munchkin can get enough rest.

Upside- He can soothe himself to sleep at night.

Downside – He’s still up every two hours at night to nurse because he’s hungry. I feed him 5-6 times a night and he EATS, no snacking. Combine that with the naps and I’m really sleep deprived. We’re working on whittling down that first nighttime feeding (feeding him one minute less every other day) and we’re down to seven minutes, so I have cautious hope. Granted, he eats ferociously the next time he wakes up, so we’ll probably just stick to getting rid of just that one feeding for now.


We started solids. Half a month earlier than we were originally planning on it, but since he’s been trying to grab things off my plate for a month, tries to drink water out of a glass (super cute, he tends to just backwash terribly. I think it’s funny, daddy thinks it’s disgusting), has been sitting up unassisted for a good long while now, and the being hungry all the time thing is driving me crazy, we figured we’d give it a shot. Avocado was first-not a big hit, but there was some fun flinging it all over the place. Broccolli was next and I found some, um, processed bits in his diaper so he must’ve swallowed something! He enjoyed getting a stalk into his mouth, letting go with his hand and just munching like he was eating a cigar while playing with the rest of the brocolli on his tray (every time I tried to get a picture of this he spit it out, the stinker). We’ll be trying sweet potato next. I also tried brown rice cereal mixed with breastmilk just to see what he would do, and holy moly he ate the whole bowl. I mean, some obviously ended up on the floor and on his face, but a LOT less than I anticipated, he had no problem swallowing it down and I let him grab the spoon and guide it into his mouth.


So HUNGRY! We have been calling him “Zombie Baby” since 4 months old…and if he IS teething we have yet to see a tooth. (Thank you to Tanya for providing that lovely arm for him to munch on, haha).

There you have it, the current roller coaster ride of mommy hood. I’m hoping he really enjoys solid foods and they fill him up for longer so my poor ladies can get a break every once in awhile, but I don’t want to push it too fast. I am glad he’s on track to crawl a little ahead of schedule since I like to be so active when I play with him (we do a lot of rolling and wrestling on the floor), chasing him around should be fun. 🙂

****Just finished that first nighttime feeding, time for me to try and get some sleep.

Smart Mommy


WARNING! This post contains a lot about breastfeeding. If this topic weirds you out or makes you uncomfortable please don’t read, I won’t be offended. If you do continue reading and are subsequently grossed out or offended, well, you’re not the brightest crayon in the box are you?


Breast feeding is by far the STRANGEST thing I have ever done. Yeah, yeah, it’s “all natural” and “perfectly designed for your baby!” and all that, but having a tiny creature suck bodily fluid out of my breasts on a regular basis still seems weird to me. Lets be honest, besides hoping my breast milk somehow endows my child with super powers, the biggest nursing motivators is I’m cheap and lazy. Breast milk is free and I don’t have to warm a bottle every few hours. I’ve also discovered that there are a wide range of benefits as far as baby wrangling goes. Feeding stimulates the intestines so it helps the munchkin move things along and nursing specifically seems to have a calming affect. In fact, I use my boobs as a solution for most things infant. Smart Phones have Apps, well, I have  Boobs.

Fussy baby? I have a Boob for that.

Gassy baby? I have a Boob for that.

Hiccuping baby? Yep, got a Boob for that.

Hungry baby? Well, duh, I have a Boob for that, too.


There are a few things specifically Cade that I’m unsure if they”re normal for all babies or are less common among most infants. For one, he snorts. Honest to goodness deep snorts, not cute little grunts (though he does those to). He also can -and often does-shriek while eating. These shrieks/birdcalls are louder than his usual crying. He has managed to suction his nostrils to my boob if I’m not paying close attention (yet another odd sensation that comes with breastfeeding). And you know how everyone tells you to look for early feeding signs like rooting? Cade doesn’t root, he head bangs against my sternum/collarbone like he”s at a Metallica concert. Also, I swear his first word is going to be “piddlefarting” because often he’  just mouths my nipple a bunch before actually latching so I tell him he’s piddlefarting around. Recently he’s taken to licking my nipple. Some people call their kids “ankle biters” I call mine “nipple licker.” Awkward!


Speaking of awkward, breastfeeding has brought back my prepubescent irritation with guys being allowed to go topless but not girls. Especially since I now actually have a legitimate need to bare my chest periodically and Cade hates the cover. If I could just quietly slip a boob out and pop it into his mouth without having to worry about nipple exposure it’d make life a lot easier.


Alright, this post could be edited, tidied, and made much more cohesive, but it’s 11pm and Cade isn’t asleep yet. That’s ok, I’ve got a Boob for that…

We Survived!




I’ve kept Cade alive for a week, that counts as a mommy milestone right?

Cade and I had a bit of a rough start at the hospital, the doc kept thinking he was small but after three hours of pushing and an episiotomy he was a healthy 8lbs 8oz. Breastfeeding was a little rough because the poor guy had swallowed so much junk in transition he just kept spitting up mucus and dried blood for the first night, and the next day they drew out 4-5 ccs of goop from his stomach. Just as we started getting the hang of latching he had his circumcision and was pretty sleepy/irritated/not in the mood for food for the rest of the day. Consequently, his bilirubin was high and so we were discharged Saturday, went back to the hospital for a bilirubin check on Sunday where they told us to start supplementing with formula or he’d need to be hospitalized. Pediatrician visit Monday followed by another hospital check where they told us it had come down slightly (yay!). Pediatrician again on Tuesday, Hospital check on Wednesday and his bilirubin was finally down! Today is the first day with no doctors appointments, but tomorrow we go back to the pediatrician.

We’re off formula now, too, and just on breast milk 🙂

Now that the informative part of the week is out of the way, here’s a few of the things I have found immensely amusing.


Newborn noises = instant comedy. He snores, whistles through his nose, snorts, hiccups like a drunken sailor, and has this really weird shriek/bird like call that we call his “velociraptor cry” which he lets loose sometimes while actually crying and other times randomly, even in his sleep.

Last night he farted and hiccupped at the same time and woke himself up.

Whenever he farts while daddy is holding him, both faces are priceless.

I had been warned about little boys propensity to pee all over when their diaper is removed, but no one apparently told Cade. He’s a fierce squirmer when it comes to diaper changing and so he knocked off the wipe I had placed over his penis and shot a stream full of urine into his ear. Boy did THAT make him scream! I was laughing too hard to be very sympathetic, meanwhile, my enormous dog is hovering on the other side of the baby gate whining in consternation every time Cade cries. Too funny. 🙂

So there you have it, we survived week one.