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Pregnancy and Tiny House


Two really big things have happened since I last wrote a blog post-I’m pregnant, and we’re under contract for our tiny house. ūüėÄ This pregnancy has been different from my previous two in almost every way imaginable, but despite a ton of votes for it being a girl-I’m not convinced. I’m not finding out, of course, until I HAVE the baby, because that’s just the most fun way to do a gender reveal, but I’m due in August (24 weeks yesterday) so it won’t be too much longer. Basic stats-I’ve gained about 12-15lbs and my fundal height is measuring about three weeks behind. According to ultrasound baby is right on schedule, and is a regular acrobat. I chose midwife care at a center here in El Paso and so far it has been fabulous-anytime something weird happens they are a text message away which has been very reassuring since this pregnancy has been bonkers. The boys have been super cute when it comes to my pregnancy, Cade talks about all the things he’ll tell and teach the baby, and Zane spent a good five minutes this morning patting my belly and saying, “wake up, baby!” and then giving my belly kisses. I am just so thrilled to be pregnant after almost two years of trying that even the annoying parts of pregnancy (like the morning sickness and fatigue and constant food aversions) make me smile.

And the tiny house. Oh, friends, I am bursting with excitement about our tiny house! We have been purging and downsizing and donating and LOVING IT! The tiny house is due around the same time as the baby, lol, maybe a little earlier. We contacted Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses in December, and since then have been finalizing plans, signing contracts, and waiting impatiently on the  SIPS and trailer to arrive. Today we confirmed more design choices including roofing, siding, and color options. The build officially starts this coming weekend! Eeeee!

I’ve joined several facebook groups on tiny house living as well as ones for fulltime RV living, and it’s been so neat to see how people make this work for them. The number of families-LARGE families (four or more kids) took me by surprise and has also given me a ton of creative ideas for making this move not just doable but enjoyable for the boys and baby 3. Most of what is reiterated-even when discussing difficulties and conflicts with tiny/RV living-is that the kids love it and adapt well, it’s the adults that generally struggle, lol.

It has been challenging negotiating the design with Brian. We are coming from two very different extremes-I’m more the “I want crazy stories of trying to cook over an open fire with one dented pot and a wooden spoon” type and he is very much a luxury driven gadget geek, “glamping” as opposed to camping, lol. Since living tiny will provide us plenty of crazy stories, and this will be the house we hopefully retire in, there are a lot of fancy things that I probably wouldn’t’ve thought to add if it had just been me designing it-but the end result is a blend that is a good representation of both of us and it just makes me so happy. There is something about building a house together (even though we aren’t doing the actual labor) that is like some weird physical representation of the relationship we’ve built with each other. The compromises and negotiations we’ve made along the way, the teasing at each other’s oddities and quirks, figuring out which things are truly important to us, and realizing sometimes we both like (or dislike) the same things but for totally different reasons-it’s like rediscovering all the things that made us fall in love in the first place. I know, I know, totally cheesy, but I blame some of that on the pregnancy hormones, haha.

ANYway, I do hope to continue this blog so I can update more about the pregnancy and tiny house as things go. As soon as I have pictures I will share, although most pictures of my day to day stay on Instagram. That’s all for now, I just wanted to get a post out there to get the writing juices flowing again. ūüôā


P.S. The outside of the tiny house will be purple. Purple purple. I. am. so. thrilled! Our tiny house is going to bring a whole new level of funky quirks to the RV park, lol.


Pregnant Mommy Brain


To the tune of “Matchmaker” from The Fiddler on the Roof.

“Wipe snatcher, wipe snatcher, snatch me a wipe!
At least three or four,
My poops getting ripe!
Unsnap my onsie and grab a fresh diap’
My buns are in need of a wipe!

For Papa, snatch out at least twenty
For Mama, just a few will be fine
For me, well, if we’re not talking diapers
I’ll snatch out the lot if I get the time!

Wipe snatcher, wipe snatcher, snatch me a wipe!
Make sure they’re warm
Cold is not my type
If you interrupt play I’ll put up a fight
You’d better be quick with the wipe!”

An oldie, but a goodie-to the tune of “Silver Bells”

“Soggy buns….soggy buns….it’s time to chaaange your diaper.

Wipe ’em down…..air ’em out….it’s time to change soggy buns!”

This is my brain on sleep deprivation and pregnancy hormones. I break out into random songs with substitute lyrics over just about everything. Cade attemped to stab a piece of zucchinni bread at lunch which inspired an impromptue verse of “What if I crumble” (What if I stumble-DC Talk)¬† and I realized I should probably write these down just to laugh at later.

We Got Lucky!…although Brian may want a second opinion.


I posted a few days ago about expecting our second child in September. The end of September. A day before my older sister’s birthday, to be exact. Anyways, I’ve been meaning to post the back story, so here goes.

Baby Numero Dos was a SURPRISE!

Brian and I were actually discussing the timing for a second child when, apparently, I was already pregnant. I’ll try to keep the TMI brief, but basically after weaning Caderade at the six month mark I didn’t have a period until December 22nd and it was…weird…so I didn’t know if it “counted.” Well, clearly it did.

By January I was pretty tired all day, every day, and was also having increasing trouble sleeping at night. I chalked some of it up to our early walker, as Cade was running around the house by 9 months old (and running into walls, tables, chairs, my legs, the dog…) and I spent a lot of my time chasing him, or picking him up after a spill and consoling him. He also figured out how to flush the toilet, get into the cabinets, pull Remus’s water dish on to himself, and try to eat the blinds. It was a busy month. Around the second¬†week of January I also started feeling a little….off. Kindof queasy. I developed a bit of a food aversion to beans and rice (a staple meal for Brian and I. We’re pretty boring eaters) and in general food was unappealing even though I felt chronically hungry.¬†By¬†mid February I finally decided¬†I should get my¬†thyroid and iron levels tested (I’ve been anemic before) because the fatigue was overwhelming. Right before I went to the walk in clinic it was like a light bulb went on in my brain and I realized I was over two weeks late for my period. I bought a pregnancy test and took it right away.

The line lit up like a neon light before I could even finish peeing on the stick.

Brian’s response: “Are you serious?” and then he shook his head and laughed in disbelief.

I would’ve figured it out soon afterwards, since after that the nausea ramped up into full blown morning sickness morning, noon, and night. I had to put Cade into a disposable in the morning for his daily poop because I truly could not stomach stripping his cloth diapers. I continued to take a morning nap when Cade went down for his, although he had a brief period where he decided he could skip his morning nap every other day. That was rough. Thankfully, he has since then gone back to a two nap schedule. I also put on weight rather rapidly, although being tall means I can hide my extra poundage with loose fitting clothing. I can no longer fit into any of my jeans, and the size 6 pair I used for my last pregnancy is already uncomfortably snug when I sit down. If I wear my normal, more form fitting clothing I can’t hide the small bump. In fact, I actually had to purchase a larger sized¬†empire waist dress for Brian’s ROTC Banquet the 1st of March because all of my dresses were too snug to keep the secret.

I had the dating ultrasound last Tuesday and the little booger was kicking and squirming like a wild thing at exactly 11 weeks and 2 days. The ultrasound tech commented on the amount of activity for so early in the pregnancy, but I am less surprised since Cade would only settle down when I would go for runs when I was pregnant with him.

So there you have it, my first pregnancy update with Baby 2.0. The nausea has thankfully subsided to mostly only in the evening and even then managable as long as I watch what I eat. I still can’t tolerate beans and rice, or thai-which makes me grumpy since I really really like thai- and I had a weird craving for sourcream that resulted in me dipping my spaghetti in a bowl of it (at the time, it was seriously the best thing I have ever tasted) but besides an increase in my affinity for pasta salad and olives the food stuff has remained pretty low key. Cade’s back in his cloth diapers and the morning one is manageable as long as I don’t breathe much, and I’m still tired all the time and having a hard time sleeping. All in all, normal pregnancy stuff. ūüôā

I’m excited that this baby may be born on my older sister’s birthday. What are the odds? Cade is born on my birthday, which is pretty darn cool to me, so how much more awesome would it be if his little brother or sister was born on¬†my sister’s birthday? My older sister said I now have to have two more children born on my brother and younger sister’s birthdays so they don’t feel left out, haha. Just don’t tell Brian… ūüėČ

OH! And I don’t think I want to find out the gender, like I did with Cade. Sorry (not really)… ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā



Cade was born on my birthday. ūüôā I will try and refrain from typing too many smiley faces, but it’s hard to express in words how I feel about his arrival.

The labor and delivery didn’t follow my birth plan, at all, which is fine since I had forgotten to bring it to the hospital with me anyway, haha. God was definitely in control.

For all the fuss about me measuring 3-4 weeks behind on fundal height, Cade was considered a “Large for Gestational Age” baby at a nice 8lbs, 8oz, and 21 inches long.

This is just a super brief update/announcement since the little booger is currently passed out on my lap and I don’t know how long I have before he wakes.

He looks like his dad and has a full head of hair (though not as bushy or dark as Brian’s was as a baby).

My night nurse for my first stay at the hospital was one of my best friends from high school, it was so cool to see her and catch up!

He has a velociraptor cry.

He has my toes! Right down to the little knobby tips.

I will post pictures as soon as I can, but it might not be for a bit as I’m a little bit preoccupied with the new family addition.

Cade has fantastic Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, and Friends, and I am truly thankful for all the support!

All About TMI


Pregnancy, in general, is TMI defying. It unavoidably makes people uncomfortable-either you (the pregnant one) or the people around you. As I hit the last leg of pregnancy the TMI just gets out of control.

One: Being pregnant means you’ve had sex. This doesn’t usually seem to weird out general strangers, but with family members it can be an uncomfortable reminder. Some prefer to believe their sisters and brothers and in-laws are asexual but pregnancy kind of forces it all out into the open, right there with your now protruding belly button.

Two: You (the pregnant one) are no longer in control of all of your bodily functions. From the gag reflux of first trimester to the incontinence of the third, you not only become horribly embarrassed by your bodies betrayal, but you also frequently embarrass those around you-especially when you develop squeaky walking farts as you waddle around in public places. Do they just ignore it? Do you? Should you try to make some equally awkward joke just to make sure everyone is thoroughly uncomfortable?

Three: Women, have no tact. They will ask you thinks like “Did you lose your mucus plug?” at restaurants. They will discuss episiotomies while slicing up their sandwich, or stop you in the mall to share their birth stories. They will do so in crowded public places, often with men around who easily blush or look increasingly queasy and you, the pregnant one, suddenly realize¬†why in the olden days women stayed in confinement until the baby was born.

Four: Women, when confronted with an obviously pregnant woman, develop diarrhea of the mouth and have to share EVERYTHING about their own birthing stories, or their children, or their second cousins, or whoever all the while giving you loads of advice, belittling anything you say with comments of “just you wait” or “enjoy it while you can” or “you have no idea.” This is uncontrollable, apparently. Pregnant women to other women are like castor oil to the bowels. And it is equally unpleasant. TMI, ladies, TMI.

***By the way, men who give ANY advice or insight into childbirth, breast feeding, or pregnancy should be shot on sight. Unless they are asked a SPECIFIC question (like, “which Boppy cover do you like best?) or are the OB doc, and even then they should tread lightly. Brian was in the room when they checked my cervix, afterwards I looked at him and said, “I don’t want to hear ANYTHING about ‘getting the finger’ again.” (Prostate check, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about)….aaaaaannnnd I probably just overshared there, sorry, TMI…****

Five: Because you have so little control of your bodily functions, are obsessed with the baby developing inside you and anything that could possibly go wrong, AND on top of that have pregnancy brain, you catch your self¬†sharing with¬†family members about such bodily functions, and then it spreads to friends, and then soon your blogging about it for all the world to see. This may still, regrettably, embarrass you once your wildly shifting mood swings have pulled you back into a somewhat saner mentality and you can’t believe you’ve just posted about your cervix on face book.

I am now officially 2 days past 40 weeks. This will hopefully be my last post while pregnant. Please pray I go into labor before the seventh (my induction date) because I’d really like to avoid being induced. :/

Induction Myths and the Godfather


This is a two part post. First part, a brief blurb about pregnancy induction myths.

Here’s my thing, sometimes even MEDICAL induction doesn’t work. They can be straight up pumping you full of Pitocin and stripping membranes and women STILL get “stuck” and end up with C-sections. Some more honest “natural induction” websites admit this and state, “these will only work if your body is already preparing for labor…” and yet some women still swear that these things work (WITHOUT FAIL! 100%! DID THIS AND 30MINUTES LATER WAS IN ACTIVE LABOR!) while other disgruntled women post (HAD SEX THREE TIMES A DAY FOR A WEEK AND STILL PREGNANT! THIS IS BS!) My take? C’mon people, if spicy food worked every time than why is the pre-mature birth rate not through the roof in India or Thailand? I can drink a gallon of Red Rasberry Leaf tea every day and if I’m one of those women for whom that particular herb helps than boy howdy I could go straight into labor! More likely, I’m just REALLY going to have to pee. As for walking or sex, goodness gracious, Potato wouldn’t’ve survived past week two if those were always “affective”! Pregnancy has to be a little bit resilient to every day life and activity otherwise noone would ever be able to carry full term. When you’re body starts prepping for labor, sure an extra dose of sperm delivered prostaglandins might help move things along, but if you’re body ISN’T prepping then those helpful swimmers probably aren’t going to do a whole lot. And even if you are beginning to dilate, your cervix may still just kind of chuckle and stick with it’s own time schedule.¬†Some women are more susceptible to certain outside influences (which is why bedrest is still prescribed as practitioners try to keep the pregnancy to full term) but every single pregnancy is different, so no, NONE of these induction methods (medical or natural) are a guarantee.

With that said, I still like to try them out, because it’s a nice bit of distraction while I am waiting for Potato.¬†Here’s my list that I’ve already tried.

-Walking (kinda been doing this one for awhile…)

-Red Rasberry Leaf Tea (it tastes good, strong, but a nice variation to my usual green tea)

-Spicy food (straight up munched some jalepenos. Yum!)

-Eggplant parmigiana (not lying, some people swear by it.)

-Warm bath (feels so good on my back, had no idea it was an “induction” technique until after I took one)

-“Positive Visualization” Ok, so I tell Potato to get out all the time (lovingly, jokingly, dead serious) and I happily imagine not being pregnant (while trying to ignore visualization of life with a newborn, haha) but so far this has just provided entertainment as I talk to my belly and hasn’t actually given me so much as¬†a Braxton Hicks.

Things I refuse to attempt

-Castor oil

-Black or Blue Cohash

-Pineapple (I really don’t like pineapple)

Despite my attemps, despite Potato having dropped over two weeks ago, I am still pregnant. Seriously, that’s ok. Yes, I may be doing deep knee bends in the grocery store aisle and arguing with my unborn child, but in all honesty I want Potato to be healthy. If that takes another week or two, well, I’ll just amuse (slightly scare) all the more people in public with my increasingly strange calisthenics.

Part Two:

On to the Godfather! Wondering when I was going to get to that? Let me explain briefly. I’ve been wanting to do a post with baby photos of both Brian and I for speculation on what Potato will look like. Unfortunately, the photos of me as a newborn are faded and aged, and so small that scanning them to the computer makes them even more blurry. I’ve got some¬†nicer “later¬†months” photos, but I really wanted the¬†“baby” baby¬†shots.¬†Fortunately (or unfortunately if you’re Brian)¬†his family¬†had all of their photos¬†digitized¬†to play¬†as¬†slides years ago so HIS baby photos are pretty crisp. Muahaha! So, without further ado ūüôā

My beautiful picture¬†………………..GodfatherBrando

                                                       Anyone else see the resemblence? Is it just me?              (photo source)

I’m Dreaming…of Conquering Swedish Countries?


Weird dreams are not all that unusual for me, in fact, they’re kind of par for the course. Every once in awhile I’d run a particularly complicated one past my older brother and have him amateur psycho-analyze it for me, great fun! I’ve been told pregnancy dreams are “vivid” and often “bizarre” so I happily clicked on over to the websites to see what kind of pregnancy dreams other people were having and what they could mean.

Most were centered around babies. This confused me. Why would having a dream involving a baby while pregnant be bizarre? Seems like the connection there is pretty obvious.

My dreams?

– I had a passionate interlude with a female vampire ghost. … I woke up laughing. I mean seriously? How does one even become a vampire ghost? Aren’t vampires already undead? So do they die twice? Or…if they die from being undead wouldn’t that make them alive? And although I say “passionate interlude” it wasn’t an erotic dream, I went about kissing the female vampire ghost very practically, like this is what one does when friends with vampire ghosts. And that was it. ???

– I orchestrated/observed the conquering of a country that was somehow “Swedish” in culture-although I really have no idea what that even means. The dream played out like a documentary and was very detailed. At one point I distinctly remember laying out battle plans on a map, at another point I was running over details for a political event/speech to encourage the take over, but I watched things happen from the sidelines. I did not fight in the battles, nor did I deliver the speeches.

-Weirdest of all…I haven’t dreamt! (I know, that means I’ve dreamt and finished my REM cycle and thus didn’t remember the dream, but that’s REALLY weird for me.)

About once a month I’ll have a dream that involves a baby. Dreams about everyday normal stuff with the baby, no anxiety or nightmares or weirdness. Usually just vague snippets of talking with the baby or walking the baby in a stroller. Not super exciting. Not very vivid or bizarre either.

I did dream about labor/post-delivery once, recently. And I had a boy. And then I was somewhere else getting dressed in pre-pregnancy clothes, went out and about with Brian, and then came back after an hour to the hospital to check on the baby. The baby was not in the NICU, just laying in the “crib” in the¬†hospital room,¬†but the whole sequence of events proceeded like it was perfectly normal to leave your newborn unattended straight after delivery and pick it up later like ordering a pizza. That doesn’t count as weird to me, that seems a pretty normal dream. Dreams don’t usually match reality, but it dealt with everyday boring stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. Pish. I stress out enough about post-delivery during the day, my brain was probably just telling me to knock it off.

So, all in all, not real impressed with “pregnancy dreams” as any more bizarre than my usual ones. Although the vampire ghost and the Swedish conquest were definitely up there with some of my stranger “out of nowhere” dreams.

Oh, and a side note. I think Brian is having cravings. Seriously. Besides my sweet tooth, which has actually faded in intensity a little bit, I’ve mostly just felt grumpy about eating anything (yay hormones!) like everything is unappealing so I shovel it down dutifully and grumble about it the whole time. Brian, on the other hand, has craved Japanese for the past month or so. I swear it’s the only place he wants to eat. Ever. We’ve now gone there on multiple occasions just the two of us (including today for lunch) and anytime his family wants to go out he tries his hardest to get everyone to go there, too. He tells me daily he “could really go for some Japanese.” So far I’ve managed to limit going with him to once a week. I love Japanese, but I just can’t eat it everyday.


In 20 more minutes it’ll be the 9th and I’ll be full term (37 weeks).¬†ūüôā

For those curious:

I’m pretty sure Potato has “dropped” or “engaged” or whatever.

I had an ultrasound last Tuesday (36 weeks) that measured Potato as 6lbs 12 oz, even though my fundal height is 4 cm small. Potato is also sunny side up, face towards my belly, back of head against my spine.

I’ve had some serious bouts of near panicky nesting followed by hours of lethargy.

—To that effect I’ve repacked my hospital bag 3 times, got the carseat installed and the stroller assembled, stocked all the changing stations (upstairs and downstairs), put sheets on the crib, got the monitor set up and in place, and purchased a few last minute stuff on my registry.

I’m 152lbs now and I don’t have stretch marks yet (gained 30-32lbs) but I do have that linea nigra thingie.

My heartburn disappeared almost overnight a few days ago.

I’m not swollen.

I had a killer calf cramp that has made me limp for 4 days. It still hurts some.

I think I may be having Braxton Hicks contractions. No, I don’t feel my belly tightening, but it’s so taut anyway I don’t know if I’d notice that. I AM having intermittent¬†crampyness both abdominal and back.

The force of my urine stream could probably power a smart car.


That’s all for now! I will say some of my “lethargy” when it comes to getting ready for Potato’s arrival is that I feel like there is no way I can get everything done, so what’s the point of trying? Yay for hormonal mood swings!



I’ve figured out why¬†my fundal height keeps¬†measuring small or just barely at normal for my last several weeks of OB appointments! Intially, I was right on the money, they whipped that measuring tape out, laid it down and were like, “You’re good.” Now, it takes them forever, and they fuss, and readjust it, and the hand holding the tape in my pelvic region creeps lower and lower every time (she REALLY needs to pay attention to where she’s mashing) as if they can somehow magically get the tape measure to read what they want¬†than everything will be ok. Sometimes I get measured by two different people. I’m gaining weight fine, and Potato still has PLENTY of room (judging by the frequent activity which has yet to slow down or get less intense, although Potato does sleep for longer stretches-thank goodness), but my uterus height just refuses to match up in centimeters to my appropriate week.

I took a good look in the mirror this morning (something I kind of avoid usually) and the lightbulb went on. EUREKA!

My uterus is sideways.

baby belly

It grew up and down and straight forward like normal (first figure in the picture) and then decided to expand HORIZONTALLY instead of vertically.

It is really weird looking, my hips are just as narrow as ever, but right above them I balloon out. Not fluff, it’s taut just like the rest of my belly, and Potato kicks in these little “pockets” especially when I’m laying¬†on my side. It used to look like someone put a giant egg directly on top of my stomach and just pulled the skin down over top of it. I still had a waist and little strips of “normal” on either side of the egg. Now my uterus is pretending it’s a flotation device and trying to wrap around my sides.

Really bizarre looking, but now at least I know why Potato is still apparently fine even if the OB nurses can’t get my measurement to look all perfect on my chart. I’m going to tell them next time that they’re doing it wrong, they need to measure sideways.

I’m 35 weeks today! Starting next week I have appointments every week (buh).

Sweet Teeth


I am genetically predisposed to eat healthier. Or at least that’s my current working hypothesis. No, I never did like my vegetables growing up, I pretty much survived on macaroni and cheese and spaghetti. In the ever fluctuating world of nutrion where fat is bad, no actually it’s good, carbs are bad, no wait they’re not bad, eat only vegetable protein, eat more animal protein, artificial sweeteners are better for you, oh wait-we lied-actually they’re poisonous, drink coffee, don’t drink coffee, corn syrup is bad, no it’s just another form of sugar, eggs make you have heart attacks, oh no actually they help fight cancer, – the one thing that everybody seems to agree on is that processed foods and soda aren’t really good for you. And I’m not a big processed foods, sugar, or soda fan.

I can sum up the rest pretty easily-balance. Your body needs some carbs (including sugars), and some fats, and some proteins, and a lot of different¬†vitamins and minerals. Your liver and kidneys and digestive tract and various other organs all have great ways of flushing out the icky stuff that sometimes tags along with the good stuff. You’ll be just peachy, if you remember to keep things balanced.

That said, the one thing that I’ve read before in various articles and journals, is that sugar is addictive and in America it is now pretty much added to almost EVERYTHING which just feeds the addiction. Sugar is fine-in moderation-and fruits are full of sugar and still a perfectly healthy thing to eat. Buuuttttttt, yeah, you should probably watch the amount of candy you consume…and soda really is bad for you, but so is juice from concentrate (so much sugar, so little left of the nutritional value of the fruit). Processed sugar added stuff usually end up with a lot of unneccessary sugar and not much nutritional value. Your body spends way more time flushing (or storing) the icky stuff, and very little time absorbing any good stuff.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and as I’ve gotten older my sweet stuff¬†tolerance has actually decreased. My¬†younger sister LOVES sugar. We were raised in the same household, with the same rules (3 o’clock snack time, every day), the same amount of access to “sweets” and yet as much as I enjoy the occasional hot fudge sundae (with extra hot fudge) I really don’t like most candies, can barely finish an entire cupcake on my own, and I don’t even add sugar on my cereal or in my tea. Every once in awhile (once a month-ish) I’ll¬†indulge in¬†something sweet, but usually it’s because it’s being offered or I’m travelling and bored. If I eat more sweets than that I tend to start feeling sluggish and gross and icky, sweets then lose all their appeal and are actually physically repulsive.¬†Sometimes I’ll go on a streak where I’ll eat a sugar treat daily (like Zebra Cakes. Those things got me through paramedic school) but usually I can only handle one¬†“sweet thing” a day even in the midst of a streak.¬†My husband has a massive sweet tooth, he eats candy by the bag, seriously, it’s a staple part of his diet. He runs enough that it doesn’t show, but it’s still horrible of him. I’ve had plenty of access to sweets and candy for my entire life, and they usually just aren’t all that appealing.

So this last trimester? All I want is sugar. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have sweet TEETH. I am STILL craving a chocolate glazed donut, so far I’ve resisted. I ate several of my leftover baby shower cupcakes (even when they started going stale),¬†ate WAY more frosting than usual when decorating my niece’s birthday cake (usually I just do a taste test and the occasional squirt when I’m trying out different icing tips), put sugar on my rice crispies in the morning, and am increasingly unsatisfied and repelled by salty foods. Week 31-32 or sometime around there I ate an entire bag of reese’s mini peanut butter cups over a three day period. By myself.

I don’t know what is going on. To try and help curb the sugar cravings, I started eating much more fruit, apples and grapes being easiest, but also canteloupe and today strawberries. Worked for maybe a week, then I’d be eating grapes and wondering if I could swipe my husband’s Emergency Snickers Bar he kept in reserve for long runs. So THEN I decided to consciously up my protein intake (cottage cheese, hardboiled eggs, etc). THAT has worked a little bit better because it keeps me full for longer, but I’m still wanting sweets. I’ve kept my fruit intake up, and basically been guzzling water and trying to distract myself so I don’t keep thinking about candy and sweets, but in the back of my mind that chocolate glazed donut continues to beckon…I’m pretty sure I’ll give in to the donut¬†at some point, but I don’t want to go junk food crazy for these last few weeks of pregnancy.

I bought trail mix with milk chocolate covered craisens-that helped. But the best¬†compromise so far, has been dark chocolate covered plums. All those yummy antioxidants wrapped up in enough sugar to taste like candy. I didn’t even know I liked plums!


My OB did say at this last appointment that she might order an extra ultrasound for me to keep an eye on the Potato’s growth because I’m still running a little small, so part of me wants to give in to some of the sweet cravings but I know putting junk in my system isn’t really going to be “healthier” for Potato even if it does make me gain weight more rapidly. I don’t feel small. My belly feels enormous, I get stuck trying to sit up in bed or stand up from crouching to look at the bottom shelf at the grocery store. I’ve gained 28lbs and I still have 5.5 weeks to go!

This post has been awful rambly…but it’s distracted me from wanting to make a McDonalds run to get a chocolate shake for the past thirty minutes, so, it was worth the rambling for me.

Anyone else experience a weird change in cravings for the third trimester? Is it at all linked to the fact that I had to start taking iron pills because I tested anemic by week 28? I really want that donut…

Pregnancy Prayer Request…and Whining


“Dear God, I am very thankful for this little miracle growing in my belly (even though it seems a little bit like the movie “Alien” when it moves) and I know I once prayed for some additional curves when I was in middle school…but I’m now feeling just a bit overwhelmed with my new, er, abundance. Could I maybe not go up yet another size?”

Seriously, that request has been fervently prayed in various forms daily for the past week.

I feel large and off-balance, which I know is normal for this far along in pregnancy, but it’s really frustrating because I like to be active and I can’t. I can do small things, like little weight exercises and walking, but those things are so booooorrrriiiinnnnggg! Especially because I’m constantly limited due to being pregnant. I’m not supposed to “over exert” myself. I can’t stretch my stride when I run because of the pelvic issue. I’m not supposed to use heavy weights because my ligaments/tendons are all loose. I’m not supposed to STRETCH too much because my ligaments are loose. Not supposed to lay on my back, can’t lay on my stomach, the only abdominal exercise I can manage is planks and pelvic tilts which are right up there with using a treadmill on enjoyment level. Not to mention, I see no progress and I feel no progress, because I’m fighting a losing battle so to speak. I don’t want to exercise “too much” and risk the Potato not getting enough nutrients or going in to pre-term labor, so instead I have to do all these lame non-challenging exercises that really don’t seem to have much effect on anything at all.

What running and walking I CAN do is even limited because of the pelvic pain my stride is so small and unnatural, it makes me even slower and I still don’t feel like I’ve actually accomplished anything. I walked 6 miles yesterday and it was great. As in, it didn’t bother my muscles in the slightest. Which is actually not great at all. I am chafing at the bit here, this is so not normal for me!

I can’t wait till Potato is here so I can be active again. I NEED to be active again. I feel lazy and gross.


In other, slightly contradictory news, I’m really excited about how quickly Potato is growing. ūüôā I try to focus on that more. At the ultrasound this past friday (28weeks 4days) Potato opened his/her eyes!

IMG_20130208_092534¬†¬†Also, I never got around to posting this project on here. I made a potato sack for Potato ūüôā The outside is burlap, I stenciled the “POTATO” on with fabric paint, and then the lining is a soft white flannel. I handstitched button holes and threaded both color ribbons around it, so when the big day arrives I just have to remove a ribbon to leave the appropriate color for gender. Don’t worry, the sack is just for photo purposes, I’m not planning on leaving¬†the munchkin in there for any extended amounts of time.


Thats all I’ve got! Sorry about the photo quality, they’re from my phone. I hit 29 weeks yesterday and the Potato is 3lbs ūüôā