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Mushy post ahead, you have been warned.

Teething has been pretty rough on us lately. Cade is getting his two year molars and he went from a happy, silly little boy with the occasional tantrum/meltdown to a highly volatile mess, crying for forty plus minutes at a time over things like, “My bread broke in half!” I’m not exaggerating the time or the excuse, it has been very, very, frustrating the past two weeks. We’ve got one back molar breaking through the gum, and one hovering right beneath the surface-I have a feeling this is going to take awhile.

But this morning I flick on the monitor to check to see if he’s awake and he’s playing underneath his blanket. I go in to get him and he’s all smiles and giggles, talking about wanting, “FIVE MMMahs!” (oatmeals) and something about “Zanebug” and I don’t even know-typical toddler squirrel chatter. Usually he stands up in his crib and demands I pick him up the second I enter the room, but for whatever reason today he remained lying on his back, content to giggle from there. I asked if he wanted me to pick him up and he went, “Not yet!” complete with finger point (a favorite phrase and gesture of his) then he said, “I want a hug!” So I leaned over and scooped my arms beneath and around his little sleep warm body and he wrapped his arms around my neck and articulated very clearly into my ear, “I love you very much, mommy.”

It is hard to have a bad morning after that.


A Year.


Happy Birthday Zane, you amaze me. I was able to spend every second analyzing every move your older brother made from newborn to a year, but you, you I’ve had to sneak peaks at out of the corner of my eye. You, my little man, are a game changer. Every time I got to snatch some uninterrupted time with you, every ten minutes of play, every book we’ve read, every late night nursing session we had, you’ve struck me anew with the force of who you are. A second child, yes, but a first and only of you.


You wave bye bye now. Sometimes you just stick a hand up in front of you like the standard “man wave” of greeting, other times you get the full hand and wrist action wiggling around. You recognize words like “outside” and “eat”, “bottle”, “more”, “all done”, “playground”, “swings”, “mom mom’s house” and “diaper” (which has you hightailing it in the opposite direction) to name a few. You are a complete ham. The way you grip the edge of your highchair and pull yourself so your belly slams into the tray and your butt lifts up an inch out of the chair so you can fart cracks me up every time.


You love snuggly things. You are SO GREAT at hugs-wrapping your arms around my neck and squeeeeeezing-and you’re trying to figure out kisses. You hug the stuffing out of your plushie toys and enthusiastically belly flop every time I put pillows on the floor.


You are also my practical application baby. While your brother throws himself at the world repeatedly to see if he can bounce off of it, you meticulously examine everything you come across. I can see the wheels turn in your brain as you touch, poke, pinch, stomp, smear, taste (oh how I wish you wouldn’t taste so much), chew, lick, throw, smack…and then repeat.  You even repeatedly put your head on the ground to peer at the world upside down through your legs. You like to make wheels spin and will turn toys over to do so. You aren’t so much into digging in the dirt, but you appreciate eating the flowers. You love playing with anything that rolls. You love your brother and are a cranky butt until I get him out of the bed in the morning to join us, but you aren’t intimidated by him. You hold your own, maybe even a little too well at times (I forsee several fistfights in my future, sigh).

ZaneUpsidedown3 ZaneUpsidedown2 ZaneUpsidedown1

You say “Mommomomom” and mean me and it makes all the warm fuzzies glow-even though you’re more apt to do it when you’re upset. You lift your arms for “up”. You sign “more” and “all done”. You LOVE highfives and playing pattycake, and you’re an enthusiastic hand clapper. You mimic everything your brother does, you even put yourself in time out.

I love you. I am floored by how fast this year has passed by and how much you can do. You’ve been walking since before 9 months, but now that your a year old I guess I have to officially retire your “baby” moniker. You aren’t a baby, you’re a toddler. You’re rapidly becoming a little boy. You’re my Zanebug.

Birthday at the Beach!


Brian has a four day this weekend, so we decided to celebrate Zane’s 1 year Birthday a week early by spending some much needed quality family time on a ROADTRIP!

We headed out to Eglin Airforce Base to check out the museum and then the plan was to drive to Destin to visit the beach. Well, we got sidetracked on our way to Destin by a beach entrance right off the road we were on and decided that was close enough, haha. And it was fabulous!

First, the museum. Now, Cade isn’t even 2.5 yet, and Zane is just a year old, so the museum was almost completely over their heads. BUT I want museums to be a normal part of our “adventures” especially as the military life is going to toss us all over the country so we’ll be able to visit a fair smattering of them. So while both boys were thrilled with the trainer cockpit they let kids climb in, and we practiced making “pew pew” noises in the gun room (Zane thought this was hilarious), it was a quick visit.


We practiced a lot of inside voices, I never managed to completely read a placard outloud, we learned new words like, “propeller” and “atomic bomb” and what little I managed to actually view was intriguing. Including a very not politically correct painting on the side of one of the bombers when you first walk in.


Glad the boys weren’t old enough to ask questions…

Moving on, after some strawberries we piled back into the car in search of a beach. They were a bit cranky-what with the two hour drive in the car already and Zane only taking a 30 minute power nap-so I did what any mom does, and fed them cake. Since we were celebrating Zane’s birthday, albeit a bit unusually, I had made a cake the night before. I chose a lemon poppyseed pound cake because, honestly, I LOVE it. It is SO GOOD. Now, it is definitely not clean eating, but it is always available to fill up my 20% “dirty” eating, lol. It’s made with half a cup of butter and a full cup of sugar, so it’s basically delicious. ANYway, the cake cheered them right up, we found a beach a lot closer than driving all the way to Destin, and we trooped out of the car to introduce the boys to some sun and surf.

Cade went to the beach around 5 months old, but this is the first time he’s been where he was really aware of what was going on. Thanks to books and TV, he had a good concept of what a beach was, and since I mentioned it yesterday he had been saying, “want to go to the beeeaaachhh” pretty much all day. His first comment was that the sand was slippery (on the boardwalk) and then he quickly dissolved into slurred gibberish punctuated with excited MOMMY! MOMMY!’s. He was just beside himself, he LOVED it. He told me after running into the water and back out, “I won, mommy, I won!” Me: “What did you win?” Cade: “I won the water! ALL THE WATER!” ….I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain that we couldn’t take the ocean back home with us…


Zane, poor guy, was so tired by the time we hit the beach, but he perked up with his typical analytical self the minute toes touched sand. Their was pinching, and shuffling, squeezing, poking, kicking, flinging, and finally tasting of this fine white stuff all around. He was less impressed with the ocean, cautiously sliding on his belly down the gentle slope to the water the first time (cracked me up, it was like he was preparing to get off the curb-except he slide on his belly for over a yard down a very gradual slant) and then figuring out he could crawl in and out of it just fine. He did a few splashes, seemingly just to confirm his theory that yes, this was water, and yes, it behaved the same as water in the tub, before he went in search of more sand to eat and a seagull or two to stalk.


We spent about 40 minutes on the beach before calling it a day and heading home, arriving back at the house around 3pm which allowed for a more typical afternoon routine before bedtime. All in all, it was a really great day.

My little Zanebug will officially turn 1 on the 12th. Today I was talking with Cade and he called Zane a baby and I said, “No, Zane is not a baby anymore, he’s a toddler.” Oh man, I had a brief moment. I wouldn’t trade these years for the world.

“…headed, I fear, to a most useless place.


The Waiting Place…for people just waiting.” -Dr. Seuss.

Cade has been on a “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” kick lately, so random lines will float through my head throughout the day. This particular line describes our current situation perfectly.

The military waiting place.

We were waiting for verbal orders so we could start planning on where we were headed next. Then we got them! Fort Bliss, Texas, here we come!… Most likely, anyway!

So we jumped into action, researching houses, figuring out what needed to be done, trying to scrape together some holiday plans. I went and got the paperwork to turn in our “Intent to Vacate” housing here and contacted the housing office in Bliss. For about 36 hours Brian and I have chatted and clicked and called and texted, hastily compiling a sketch of our next duty station….aaaaaaaannnd now we’re back to waiting.

Waiting on actual orders. And before that is the notification of “request for orders”. Verbals are “Hey, this is where we think we’ll send you!” RFO is “Hey, we actually asked to send you to this place!” and then Orders are, “Get to this place by this time for this long. Period.” SO between verbals and orders the place and time could change. And no, I don’t have any idea how frequently duty stations are changed after verbals, some say frequently, some say infrequently, who knows. But it COULD change. Which means we’re stuck.



Waiting is the hardest when waiting on someone ELSE to get a move on things. And although I am by no means eager to leave (I love it here!) I hate being in limbo. Some people delay ripping the bandaid off, I’m a “there is a bandaid? GET IT OFF RIGHT NOW” type of person. I don’t even care if the wound is healed, I know it’s going to hurt to remove so I want it done immediately so I can get over it. In a nutshell, I’m antsy.

I’ll probably try to find a few more things to pack that we can do without for a few months until I know for sure where and when we’re going….sigh…

A Lot About a Little


I’m living the dream, you guys, in so many ways. I am joyfully married, have two beautiful children, loving and supportive siblings/parents/in-laws, we’re financially stable…I am richly blessed. Which may be why over the past few years Brian and I have been increasingly indifferent towards “things.”…also, you move once or twice and you get tired of hauling around stuff. 😛 In any case, we send a bunch of stuff to Goodwill every time we move, and recently we’ve purged even more. My wardrobe, his movies, even our books have been scrutinized (gasp! Don’t worry, we got rid of duplicates only, haha). I’ve gotton rid of half completed projects, all of my fabric, half of my “crafty stuff” and more than half of my clothing. We’re slimming down the amount of things we own and we are so much happier for it.

Obviously, the biggest “stuff accumulator” is “the boys”. From toys to clothing to gadgetry, children compound the stuff problem. I finally had had enough about a month ago, as I struggled to find the living room carpet under all the accumulated crap strewn over everything. It was too much. Since I had already started packing things for the move, I decided to try an experiment. Over two days I went through all of the toys and packed up all but 15. 15 total, not 15 each. I moved the changing table out of Zane’s room and arranged the toys on the shelves for easy access. I figured if the boys went nuts I could always unpack a box of toys, but I was hoping to give it at least until we moved to our next duty station (hopefully in October).

Their reaction was significant, especially from Cade. The afternoon I packed the final box and displayed the surviving toys Cade played with one of his toys he hadn’t touched in weeks for a solid 15 minutes. To this day, he plays with his toys, focused, calmer, engaged. He used to flit from one to the next like a demented humming bird jaw forward and teeth clenched as he fought the impulse to just do something. Now the time he spends spazzing out running and flailing has been halfed and his temperment improved. Inside is overall calmer.

Now, it ain’t perfect. I’ve still got two rowdy boys on my hands and the chasing and wrestling and crazy play has definitely not disappeared completely-nor do I want it to! However, the lack of toys certainly hasn’t made anything worse and has, to my mind, actually made playtime much more enjoyable and Cade is present when he plays instead of flaking out. I think he was just honest to goodness overwhelmed with all of the toys he had. I also put all of the musical instruments in a box and pull them out 4-5 times a week post nap while I’m cooking dinner. The novelty and noise making potential has done wonders for keeping them occupied while I’m cooking, plus I like making “music time” a treat to encourage interest.

Both the boys are outdoorsy anyway. Zane has already started running to the door and smacking it, looking over his shoulder at me to make sure I’m getting the message when he wants to go outside. I’ve removed quite a few of the outdoor toys and am continuing to purge the outdoor space-again with zero negative fall out from the boys and a lot more space to actually play under the carport.

It has been fantastic so far. I am loving how easy it is to pick up the living room. I’ve been able to maintain a vacuuming schedule with little fuss, and tidying the toys up at night takes seconds. Neither Cade nor Zane have toys in their rooms which keeps those spaces as predominantly for reading and sleeping and makes them a lot tidier as well. Cade has a bookshelf in his room, Zane a book basket, and there are two more book baskets in different cornors of the living room. Cade and I play make believe just fine with the toys we have available-and frequently improvising with forts out of blankets and kitchen spoons as swords, etc, and as long as Zane has a car or ball he’s pretty much set. I’ve acquired a toy here or there and simply exchanged it for one of the no longer played with ones on the shelf. The occassional swap like that keeps the boys entertained and I’m toying around with creating a “Finding Place” to leave a new toy once every few weeks to spark different ways of play.

All in all, this minimalist experiment is working really well and I find it faith affirming. Our needs are met in abundance, and we thoroughly enjoy the things we own-but they are not the center of our lives. 🙂

Where to begin…


Hey guys, I’m branching out a bit…

Slow Is A Pace...

So, I, uh, have this new blog here and, well, I’d love for you to follow/subscribe and read what I have to say. But no pressure! People have there own lives, I totally get it, busy raising families and making careers and stuff. But, if you get bored or something, you could maybe read a post or two just as something to take your mind of things, right? Just think about it…

What’s it about? Oh. Well, I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t ask because then I’m pretty sure you’re going to either roll your eyes or run away screaming. I’m fine with the eye rolling, heavens knows I’ve done more than my fair share while setting this up. I am so far outside my comfort zone I’m going to need to live in a Holiday Inn Express to make this work-but the thing is, when it’s all said and…

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11 Month Delay


Zane turned 11 months old over a week ago, and I had been working on a nice long post about his 11 monthness and wordpress ate it. Grr.

I hate rewriting stuff I’ve already written, so this may be a bit shorter.

Zanebug has 4 teeth now and is chomping down anything I put in front of him. Some days he eats so much he doesn’t finish his nighttime bottle. He is, for the most part, sleeping solidly through the night from 745ish to 630-715. As far as physical milestones go, he climbs up steps holding onto rails sometimes instead of crawling, and he keeps trying to do the same coming down (which scares the snot out of me). He manages to maintain a face full of bruises at all times, and he rotates between eyes for black eyes. He climbs into, onto, and through everything, and he runs full tilt with a cute duck waddle, arms flailing. He waves back at me, and he raises his arms to demand up. We’re still working on baby sign, but after a brief stint signing “more” he apparently is no longer interested. He says, “mumummmmumumumummumumum” a bunch, especially if he is unhappy with something, so maybe he’s gearing up to say “Mama” ? He has an earsplitting shriek he lets fly when he’s frustrated. I mean ear splitting. He sounds like a teakettle boiling over onto a feral cat. And he gets frustrated frequently when objects don’t go his way. He’s my, “how does this work?” baby whereas Cade was (is) my, “destroy everything and giggle!” baby. Zane rolls balls, spins wheels, flips toys over to examine the bottom, eats EVERYthing, and bounces, drops, picks up, throws, pokes, peers at, etc., anything he can get his hands on. And if whatever he is playing with DOESN’T do what he wants, he loses his cool rapidly. The thing is, after his cool has been lost, he usually just drops the offending object and finds something else. He is a head spinning mix of volatility and complete nonchalance. It cracks me up, he is his father’s son. The only time Zane really pitches a fit is when he is hungry-then it is babygeddon until something is shoved in his mouth.

He is a snuggle bug, and I love the cuddles. He still does this burrowing type thing where he smooshes his face into my belly with his arms pinned underneath him and just lays there. He sucks his thumb, and if he gets really upset he’ll try and suck both of them simultaneously. He also still occasionally plays with his hair, especially when he’s sleepy. Thank goodness he’s finally figured out that he is attached to his hand and doesn’t yank his hair and scream in surprise anymore. 😛 He is beginning to fight the two nap thing, but isn’t quite ready to go down to one. I’ll be happy to hopefully get some simultaneous napping back (nap straddling sucks for mommy time) but I think I’ll miss the one on one play time that I’ve had with both the boys while the other naps.

Zane’s relationship with Cade has blossomed, and the two of them are thick as thieves. They fight, frequently, but they are also incapable of doing separate things when both in the same room and when separated Cade asks for Zane and Zane tries to break into Cade’s room. It’s sweet, and exhausting as I spend half my day refereeing. Zane is finally old enough to actually PLAY with Cade, from simple chasing each other around, to a little bit of rough-housing (Zane likes trying to grab Cade’s ears), to peek a boo, or taking turns on Cade’s tricycle. I love my little guys. I can’t believe Zane will be a year old next month!

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!


So when I go for a run I pass two of those electronic speed signs that flash when you go over the posted speed limit (which is 20mph here). I snicker to myself everytime I’m running and a car comes up from behind and triggers the red and blue warning lights on the sign. “Sorry, Officer, I’ll try to keep my speeds in the human range.”

I know, I know, it’s really silly, but for whatever reason it always makes me smile to think I’M triggering the flashing lights with my law breaking running speeds.

Truth is, I AM breaking some of my own limits. I’ve been running consistently for over a month now, my goal is 5x a week and although last week I only was able to do 4 nights, I’ve got to be realistic about flight school demands and the boys’ schedules. It is consistently a real feel temperature in the triple digits (we had 2 days last week of real feel 116°F) due to the ceaseless humidity that is greater than 50%  one hundred percent of the time. The route I run is what I’d consider on the flatish side of rolling-it is nothing like the trails in the Virginia Blue Ridge-but still not flat. And despite this, yesterday I ran a mile in 7:48. I am proud of myself.

I have named myself a slow runner, and previously I was happy to maintain a 11-12 minute mile pace. The first time I pushed myself to run just one mile I was pleased to break ten minutes. Tonight I ran 3 miles in 28:08- a 9:36 mile pace. I ran THREE MILES in well under a ten minute mile pace!

I don’t want to be an award winning marathon runner, but I am thrilled to be pushing myself out of my running comfort zone and amazed at how much more I can do than I thought possible. Yes, I am a stay at home mom of two kids under 3, yes I’m pushing 30, yes I previously only ever ran long, slow distances, but no, I don’t have to “be” a slow runner. I may never trigger one of those speed signs (on foot anyway) but it won’t be for lack of trying. 🙂

Tackling Normalcy


I don’t write a lot about being AD(H)D (H in parenthesis because technically ADD (without the hyperactivity) was taken out of the DSM and is instead “ADHD without physical hyperactive symptoms” or something, which seems pretty stupid to me since that is essentially “ADD” but I didn’t write the manual so, whatever. :P). Mostly I think it’s because it is part and parcel of who I am so I don’t think of it much as a disease or an issue or anything, it just is. However, there are times when I get pretty frustrated with the scattered rapid fire pattern of my brain and the forgetfulness issues. Since being a mom it has been GREAT because I can blame any random mood swings, forgetful behavior, or general untidiness on “mommy brain”. I love mommy brain. BUT, when I am honest with myself, it isn’t always mommy brain’s fault, I was like this pre kids. In fact, I was WORSE pre kids because I didn’t have kids helping me toe the line AND giving me a creative/spontaneous (sometimes a little too spontaneous) outlet 24/7.

How bad you ask?

Let’s take a look at college. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I’m a decently smart individual. I graduated with a 3.85ish GPA in three years instead of four. Not too shabby. First year went pretty well, although in order not to forget important information I used sticky notes placed inconveniently on my computer screen. every time I sat down I would go, “What the crap is this….oh…right, I forgot.” But, as is typical, I eventually ran out of sticky notes and forgot to replace them, or got bored with the system, or something and by the last year things got a little nuts.  I forgot to write a midterm paper until 2 hours before it was due. Yup. 2 hours before I had to hand it in my brain was like, “Oh hey, today is….. don’t you have that paper that is 30% of your grade due?” Thankfully, I write most of my papers in my head before committing them to paper and two hours was juuuust enough time for me to cram four sources into six pages and print it out in the computer lab of the building I had my class in. Oh and there was that one time that I made it all the way through an excruciatingly boring class of presentations and when time was finally up the teacher said, “Ok, Sarah you’ll just have to go next class since we ran out of time today.” My stomach turned to instant lead. I hadn’t even read the book for the project and I was scheduled to present in that class. Or, my favorite mark of ADD shame, how about that easy A class that I got a C on due to my lack of participation in the discussion board portion. By lack of participation I mean I completely forgot the board existed for the entire semester.

Take a moment to let that sink in.

Is it any wonder people with ADHD are moody?

Moving on, here’s an area that people who live with ADHD individuals probably cite as a constant source of annoyance-I have an inability to finish things. I wrote an entire post about my struggle with cleaning in particular here. It isn’t that I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment when I DO finish something, it’s just right at the end of a project or chore, when I’m in the homestretch, I am suddenly filled with an indescribable loathing for whatever it is I am doing at that exact moment. It is a full body abhorrence, an excruciatingly intense feeling of I SHOULD BE DOING ANYTHING BUT THIS! It is rather difficult to push through. If I manage to push through it and complete a task I am on cloud nine-but honestly sometimes I don’t want to tell people (even though I really, really want to tell someone) because when I get all excited about doing a complete load of dishes people don’t really get it. I mean, they’re happy for me, but they don’t realize that a complete load of dishes is like an addict being clean for two weeks.

So, with all of the above in mind, I am in the midst of a 30 day challenge that is making me laugh a bit at myself. I am doing the “30 Day Push” by Chalene Johnson and it is all about a system of organization centered around goals and ToDo lists. It makes me laugh because even this basic system is waaaaaayy too complicated for my scattered brain, or at least it is too fast paced to stick. But I’m doing it, just, modified… and slower. I like her “carefully crafter and diligently maintained” list method, I like a lot of her points on confidence and planning, but ain’t no way in H E double hockey sticks that I am doing TEN things on a TODO list everyday. 10! HA! I may build up to 10 eventually but, dude, just setting one thing I have to do in a day stresses me out a bit. And she has this Push goal idea for your goals which is an excellent idea but seriously, my main goal is just to maintain the ToDo list and BELIEVE ME this is huge. She uses the example of brushing your teeth as an ingrained habit you don’t even think about, and I had to laugh. I LOATHE brushing my teeth. I prefer to do dishes, seriously. There is something mindnumbingly ridiculous about being chained in front of a sink for two full solid never ending minutes while I scrub icky goopy wet gross around my teeth with a tiny brush and try not to drool. The whole process is revolting and BORING. I am- sorry to gross everyone out- not a consistent teeth brusher. I try. I do try. Especially as an example to the boys, but honest to goodness I do NOT remember to do it everyday. So, what habits do I have? Consistent habits? Well. I forget to get all the way dressed some mornings, I forget to shower, I forget to eat, I forget things on my grocery list, I forget to put on deodorant, I forget to switch the laundry, I forget to put the parking brake on – I have even forgotten to put the car in park before turning it off…. I don’t have many habits. At least, not consistent ones. I have almost habits, that I USUALLY remember. I have routines that help me remember these habits. But developing a habit takes a long, long, long, long, long time for me…and I generally resist the entire time.

The only habits I have now are ones centered around the boys, and they aren’t so much ingrained and easy, they’re more endurable and inevitable. I don’t forget to feed the boys because they remind me and I have to, but some days I hate it. I hate the repetition of making food and cleaning the dish afterwards. I hate that I have to do this same boring repeat work AGAIN and there is no forseeable break in the future. And then other days it isn’t so bad and I do it without a thought. Having Cade and Zane has put ME on a schedule and as much as I chafe and fight about it some days, those days are like every 2 days out of 10, the rest of the time I am loving the peace and reliability a schedule gives me. I get more done. I forget less. My ADD isn’t gone, but it doesn’t rule my life because I refuse to let it rule the boys’.

So even though this challenge is all about pushing your boundaries and all the Push goals I’ve seen listed are about expanding businesses or getting out of debt or publishing a book or any number of great, exciting, monumental challenges and dreams – I’m tackling normalcy. And since being a little girl told by her teachers that she was lazy, or accused of cheating because of the inconsistent nature of her work, to an adult stressing over the practical applications of being a paramedic because she knew it would take awhile to calm her brain down enough to really master a skill – being near normal has been the biggest dream I have. If I get too stressed I play something silly with the boys, or put only two things on my ToDo list for the next day. I’ve been running fairly consistently lately (4-5 times a week) which has helped with moodswings, and thanks to this Push challenge I really am getting more things done then I EVER thought possible. You guys, I vacuum the living room and kitchen three times a week and the hall and bedrooms every Saturday. I’ve done this for two weeks now. I am AMAZED at myself. And I love that the living room and kitchen stay a bit tidier because I’m vacuuming regularly (those rooms REALLY need it). Plus, both Cade and Zane love to “help” so it counts towards fun with the boys-always a plus for me,

And maybe, just maybe I can make this a more consistent habit then brushing my teeth.

Convos with Cade


Cade, pointing at his turky hotdog slices: Goop?!
Me: You want goop on your hotdogs?
Cade, big grin: Yes.
Me: What kind of goop?
Cade, initially stumped: Uhhhhmmmm….um, um… ICECREAM!

Cade, sitting on Brian’s lap, Brian sans shirt.
Cade, peering closely, and then pointing emphatically: Oooo! Hole!!
Brian: Uh, that’s a belly button, dude. You have one to.
Cade, dumbstruck for two seconds, then yanks his shirt up to check.

I love when he tacks on, “of course” to his sentences.

Me: What do you want to watch?
Cade: Elephant Sprinkler (Umi Zumi episode) of course!

Me: What do you want to eat?
Cade: Cheese, of course!

Cade: Mommy! Cade go to MomMom’s house, of course!

Brian: Does the moon speak to you?
Cade: Yes!
Brian: It does? What does it say?
Cade: Um. Blah blah blah!

Cade, observing Brian unwrapping a rollo: Daddy poop in potty get a rollo.

Cade, as he’s running down the hall and diving into his crib for naptime : Blue blanket mommy read so so mad book a small hug a kiss and sing!

I love how children view the world- the pleasure they take in pronouncing new words, the slightly off kilter way they interpret and describe their surroundings, the unintentional ironies and goofiness. I find myself chuckling in my head at half of the daily conversations I have with Cade- not because I think he’s a genius or unusually funny or exceptionally creative- I chuckle because he’s a normal kid with a kid’s perspective on life.

Cade likes: hugs, small kisses, Zane, tape, broccolli, hose, yogurt, rice, bananas, books, tv time, snip snips (scissors), sunshine song.

Cade “not like”: sauce, Zane, bad sausage, too spicey food, nap time, mommy reading (her own book), time out, poop.

He’s a rambunctious little stinker. 🙂