ME-I used to work as a Paramedic for one of the top 5 busiest ERs in the nation, now I’m a stay at home mom and I help my husband with Grad school.  I have an abysmal sense of direction and get lost so frequently I leave 30-40minutes early to include time for all the U-turns. I have color-graphemic synesthesia and ordinal linguistic personification. (Wikipedia link-here) and I’m ADD.  For hobbies I enjoy running, painting/sketching, writing, and star gazing.
REMUS- An Irish Wolfhound, fawn in color, a little over 6 feet in height on his back legs. A very beta personality, scared of most things, ready to roll over and have his belly rubbed at any time. Unconscious of his size, frequently clumsy, has an affinity for cheese and ice cubes, hates getting wet, tends to sleep for most of the day broken with fits of exuberant energy that causes him to fling his toys all over the kitchen counters. Born June 17th, 2010.
BRIAN- I feel like I should leave this description blank because my husband tends to prefer anonymity. Suffice it to say he’s in the Army, is the motivator behind my running Ultra Marathons, and the one who maintains my sanity-usually, although recently I think I’m the one maintaining his as he starts his graduate degree.
(He’s the one on the left in case that needed clarifying)
Bathplay  CADE- The newest member of the family and my birthday buddy. A frequent subject for my blog posts, he has turned our world upside down. 🙂

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    • He’s around 125-30lbs, on the small side for his breed and gender. He’s not a very bulky dog (think shaggy greyhound on steroids), but he’s around 3 feet at the shoulder, maybe a little taller, so he’s super awkward and clumsy in small spaces, and he takes up the entire hall when he lays down.

      Glad your monster dog is enjoying his new home! I’m hoping we’ll be able to keep Remus for awhile longer, even when Potato gets here, but it’ll definitely be interesting. 🙂


  1. Ok, I realized the other day that we’ve been “blogging buddies” for about a year now, and since (according to my stats) you have commented on my blog more than anyone else I’ve elevated you to friend. That being said, when it’s this late in the game you are not allowed to go more than a day w/o a post till little ‘tater bug (that’s my redneck nickname for your baby) is here! 😉


    • Whoops! I get elevated to friend status and then I don’t post, haha. Sorry! Don’t “unfriend” me now! 😛 I haven’t been blogging much, trying to get this baby OUT! Or, actually, just trying to keep myself distracted until “‘tater bug” arrives 🙂 I’ve been loving your recent posts though (I get them sent to my email so I can read them on my phone) so even if I’m a slacker recently, I hope you don’t stop posting, lol. I’ll try to come up with something to blog about tomorrow if Potato still hasn’t arrived.


      • See ya got my hopes up that I’d be seeing pics of Tater soon! LOL! I reckon that you have a viable excuse! Hehehehe! Thank you so much! I’ve got to get my second part of the Bible Study up but haven’t had a chance yet. Tell Tater Bug that if he/she hurries I’ll let y’all come visit & go for a mule ride! 😉


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