This post is all about baby stuff, so if you’re not in the mood, don’t read. Consider yourself warned. 🙂

I’ve gotten various responses ranging from laughter and encouragement to outright disbelief when I tell people I don’t want to know the gender of Potato until birth. I get almost entirely disbelief when I then proceed to inform people that my husband DOES know the gender. From friends and family, mostly I get irritation at not being able to delve into gender specific baby gear. That’s ok, Potato and I are having a blast 😀

Here are basically just a list of onsies that I like, that aren’t gender specific. They’re out there people, you’ve just got to dig a little! I found all of these at www.cafepress.com.

Are These People Really My Relatives?

Someone Please Tell the Dog I am Not a Squeaky Toy

I Bite

Ich Spreche Gibberish  -C’mon, it’s in German!

What I Really Need Are Minions  -The child is half Brian’s, enough said.

I Do All My Own Stunts -Half my child = Plenty of ER visits for random traumatic injuries.

Statistically, I’m Cute  -One of my all time favorites

Macaroni and Cheese 

I Before E Except After C…Weird -Grammer humor? Couldn’t resist.

RAWR means I love you in Dinosaur

Hold Me -Classic bad music pun

I think all of the ones I’ve listed come in kiwi green and/or white besides just the gender specific blue or pink.

In conclusion: Yes, it is harder to find gender neutral stuff since the baby industry has gone gender specific crazy, but NO it is not impossible. And seriously, why would you want everything gender specific? I hope to reuse at least the big items (like carseats, highchairs, furniture, infant toys, etc…) so why in the world waste money on everything in PINK just to turn around and have to re-buy everything in BLUE or vice versa?

In other news, the Tarheel’s Consignment Sale I went to with my older sister was awesome! Among other things, we split the cost of a toddler size electric train to keep at the grandparents. I want one that’s me sized, it’s that cool.

And I have a DIY project I just started tackling today. I already have blisters on one hand and a small stab wound on the other. If I manage to pull this first one off, I fear I will become addicted.


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  1. I completely agree with your decision not to learn the sex of Potato, though I have found that most “gender neutral” baby clothes tend to favor boys. Besides, there is a lifetime to hang labels on the child – enjoy the wait for the surprise. Personally – I hate Kiwi Green baby clothes. There are tons of other colors that fit boys and girls. The biggest trick is to ask yourself one important question. “How will this look with spit up on it?” Camoflage is very important when dressing your baby – much more important than gender.


    • I like green, so I’m ok with the kiwi, but I’m definitely mixing it up 🙂 So far I’ve got yellow, grey, red, and white with different prints (one is Dr Seuss!). I did also purchase a camoflage bib-no reason at all a girl can’t wear camo, and what’s better to disguise the copious amount of fluid that tend to spew out of babies? haha 😛 You’re absolutely right, the gender neutral stuff does tend to favor boys , because even if I can find the right “colors” in the girls section, they’re so bedecked with ruffles, frills and bows there is no WAY I’d put them on a boy. It’s going to be such a fun surprise! 🙂


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