Nesting Overkill


So, maybe it’s not really a “thing,” this nesting business, but it does make sense for moms-to-be to seriously want to clean and purge right before baby’s arrival in an attempt to create the “perfect baby space” or, in my case, just get her act together enough to have a tiny headstart when it comes to the impending baby chaos.

Before today I wondered if maybe I was going a little crazy with the whole idea. You know, as I’m purging my crap for the ten bazillionth time and beginning to look at precious family heirlooms and wondering if anyone would notice if I gave them to the Goodwill. Ok, maybe not that bad….but pretty close. I’m wondering if half the stuff I’m suddenly chucking over my shoulder going, “Don’t need, don’t need, don’t want, don’t use, don’t need, don’t like, don’t need…” I’m going to regret tossing. So far, though, that was the only indication I had gone slightly off the nesting deep end.

Until today.

I have a stomach bug. It’s gross. I was feeling “eh” this morning, so I went downstairs and helped the husband rearrange and clean out the downstairs space in anticipation of my glider (coming Friday!). I was beginning to feel a little woozy and drained, so we went upstairs to eat. We ate. I putzed around on the internet, feeling progressively worse. Laid on the bed for a few minutes as my gastrointestinal tract started some serious crampage. Husband said he was headed back downstairs. I followed, cramps be durned we had to get that downstairs ready!

A smart, reasonable person at 33 weeks pregnant would’ve stayed in bed. I apparently am not one of those people.

Cramps and nausea kick in full force, I admit defeat and stumble upstairs just in time to make it to the toilet. Feeling marginally better, but still crampy, I take a shower hoping the hot water will help. I realize the shower and tub are in desperate need of a cleaning. Just as I turn the water off, I have a major cramp/hotflash and it’s a good thing I was already in the bathroom.

So far I’ve only had lower, um, issues, so after that round I get up, finish drying off, and, believe it or not, start scrubbing the shower.

My reasoning:

  • The shower is gross
  • I’m stuck in the bathroom
  • I can’t clean the toilet at the moment

So I start scrubbing, not surprising halfway through I have to stop. This time I utilize the trashcan as well as the toilet (sounds fun, right?) and there is a little voice in my brain going “Why the heck are you trying to scrub the tub right now?!” I ignore the voice, finish throwing up lunch, and then get back to scrubbing the tub.

The shower is now clean. Not my best  job, but a thousand times better than it was. I’m feeling still a bit queasy, and torn between pride at finally getting the shower clean and disbelief that I scrubbed it while battling stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomit.

There really might be something to this whole nesting thing, because I’m pretty sure if I HADN’T been pregnant I’d’ve stayed curled up on the bed in the first place.


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  1. Braxton Hicks cramps maybe? If so, maybe you should consider offering to scrub the hospital when you are admitted – if it takes your mind off of the cramps? Probably the worst pregnancy advice I’ve ever given, but eh, if it works for you. 🙂


    • Hahahaha, I bet the hospital staff would love that! That’s definitely the funniest pregnancy advice I’ve been given 😛 I thought maybe it was Braxton Hicks, except it was only lower down, my uterus didn’t seem any “firmer” like I was told it would be, and Potato kept on kicking and squirming like nothing was happening at all (not really helpful when I started throwing up). Plus, after my, um, intestinal cleansing, the cramps practically dissappeared. Whatever the cause, I suppose if scrubbing keeps my mind off of cramps then the nurses are just going to have to keep chasing me out of the bathrooms on Potato D-Day.


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